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Struggling to stand and walk

Hi all. Please could I ask if anyone struggles to stand and walk. Diagnosed with fibro, Raynaud's, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis.. Some days I can walk normally and other days stiffness and pain severe and I cannot stand. My lower back and legs won't let me stand. I am in a lot of pain. Got morphine patch but just makes me sick. I cope cos its gone on a long time but I am sure my gp don't believe me about not being able to walk. My back goes into spasms and I can't stand. My arms and neck spasms and I can't move and in last twelve months I lost all muscle tone .anyone with similar problem? Sorry for long post. X

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Morphine patches are a sign the doctors believe you have a lot of pain the problem that is faced by you and the doctors is finding relief from a source you can tolerate. Asking for a Neurologist referral looking into the spasms and muscle wasting might put fresh eyes on a complex case.

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I think that having so many problems makes it difficult. My ability to walk comes and goes but the pain is continuous. Just wish they could explain why I experience inability to stand and walk. My legs can cave in just getting out of a chair but go looks at me as if I making it up which is a worry cos I am not making it up. Got to point where I am too embarrassed to go to doctor and tell about my pain and stiffness. Thanks for answering. X


Partly the reason for having a specialist look at the complex case from a new perspective with a clean slate it will not be going over old ground but testing new areas.

It can be quite difficult for doctors when faced with complex cases when they want to treat the symptoms but whatever they try does not work as well as you both hoped.

My other concern is things are unlikely to improve without help from somebody so getting that help from someone becomes increasingly important as the situation deteriorates.

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Hi louiseelcross

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your pain.

I have tremendous problems walking and standing (especially standing on the spot). I use a tri-walker and have recently purchased a scooter (when it arrives). I also have arthritis in my knees, spine and neck, spondylosis in my neck, Osteoporosis, a withered coccyx, sciatic nerve damage, asthma and COPD to mention the main issues. So I can understand why I do have these problems.

If you are getting concerned about your problems, I would definitely express your feelings and fears to your GP or Medical Specialist as they maybe able to tweak your medications and see if this helps you at all?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I cannot imagine having all those diagnoses. No wonder you can't walk. I highly recommend chiropractic. Mine has save my life. I truly don't think I could function if it weren't what he has done for me. Also, you may not have celiac disease, but I recommend cutting down on gluten. It causes leaky gut syndrome which makes the body toxic and increases inflammation. There are lots of really good gluten free foods out there these days. Good luck!


I've been on the morphine patches for 6 years I have fibro and damage to my legs arms caused by disc prolapses, I have so much damage loss of reflexes, and I had foot, have had surgery previously (radioculopathy & chronic sciatica) I started on butrans 5mcg and felt sick at first but it's well worth sticking with them..

My back would lock and I wouldn't be able to move, I then went up to 10mcg, 25mcg, 52.5mcg (transtec) then 70mcg...

Last year I was told by my rhumy to wear two patches at once so I'm now on 140mcg and im grateful for it, I get no pain in my spine whatsoever, I do get exhausted easily and I compensate by resting often...The sickness is very occasional, and if I don't eat then I do feel sick..

I can't drink any alcohol as even half pint on this amount would give the most incredible hangover...

I do still feel pain due to the fibro, and was bed bound before I was on them, but am certain that these are the best course of action for me, although I have limited mobility, life is certainly better..


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