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Been experiencing pain in my lower back and left side :'(

Hi all,

Last few nights I have been waking up in pain. Down my left side including my arm, hip, lower back.

It's really painful and it's starting to get me down, I have been told to take my dihydrocodeine but last time I took two at once and it made me physically sick with really bad stomach pains. :(

I'm not sure how long this rehumtology appointment is going to take but I hope it will have up.

As while I'm typing this I've got pain going from the top of my spine and the bottom.

The only thing that stops the pain is when I stretch :/

I'm off as I promised myself I would do some washing...

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Hi Susan, I hope your rheumy appt hurries up and comes. Im sorry you're feeling rough, I too get pain both at the top and base of my spine. Yesterday my right shoulder and neck went into spasm and I didn't quite know what to do with myself. Luckily my doctor is helpful and I have diazepam and Oramorph to take in such circumstances, I wish they could find something for you to take that doesn't make you sick.

Sending positive healing vibes your way.

Foggy x


Thanks foggy, I hope you get sorted too.

I hope my appointment doesn't take to long either.



Morning Susan,

I was just reading your post and it sound very familiar to me. I have trouble with my spine which has a knock on effect all over the place. I feel rather like the song Hands knee and boomsy daisy sort of covers the lot doesnt it. Some mornings I find movement very restricted until I have stretched in order to get different bit working and complying with my directions. Today it is shoulders down the back hip and down to knee


seems to be on going so I hope your finds a gentle answer when you visit the Docs. Good luck let us know how it goes



Thanks gins.

Hope you get sorted to. X


Feeling your pain Susan. My left side is my worst and since the fall I've been horrible. Nothing makes much difference. Also finding this cooler weather (it is cooler here, we were under fog all day yesterday) not helping. My rheumy is this friday and am worried I'll be dismissed entirely or called a fake. :(

Just tried stretching and it's actually made me feel slightly dizzy and hurt my left shoulder, along with my little finger going numb! Super. Won't be doing that agin, lol.

The appointment shouldn't take too long to get; they rang me up to get an appropriate time and then sent a letter confirming it. From the call, the time is approx 6 weeks and I think I had to wait around 3-4 weeks for the call. So not too bad. Hope you get yours soon.



I hope you feel better soon. You should get the numbing finger looked at I'm getting tested for carple tunnel.

Why don't you get tested for that. X


Really? For finger numbness? I mean, I also get plenty of wrist and lower hand pain, especially from driving, but the numbness I never really thought about.



Yeah I was duffereubg from pain in my wrist. And I'm in the process of getting tested for carpel tunnel x


High Susan so sorry fro late reply and sorry to here your not so good especially being so young it doesn't help I know my daughter has to struggle, but to the point I had lower back problems with aches and pains that went down my left leg thought I had just flat feet cause of my inward leaning of my ankles but no I got referred to biomechanics and was told I had a weakening in my lower back muscle that trapped the nerves in my leg this causes it to weaken more and this can be helped but mine has been for a long time so just in case ask your doctor who can refer if its the same just in case it may not but nothing lost if asked. hop this is a help :)


Thanks Royalspec01


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