Morning All having just enjoyed my daily bowl of porridge (made with water served with blue berries) I wondered

what does everyone have for breakfast? The porridge keeps me full no hunger pangs till lunch . It is also good for loosing weight. After all this is the most important meal of the day it turbo charges the system gets us going - I dont know where) So I now dont eat wheat anyone else the same ?


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  • I always have cereal-it was shredded wheat and rice crispies but cut out the shredded wheat fro a couple of weeks (and for 3 weeks about 2 months ago-made no difference cutting out wheat have banana and crispies, porridge or cereal bars.

  • My Mum used to tell me that the local postman that was to Axminster would cook his porridge the night before - pour it into a draw to let go cold- in morning he would cut it into slabs and take a couple with him while he did his rounds. So a sort of take away LOL it is the thought of the drawer that always got me when I was little LOL


  • Hehehehe typical of postmen in Axminster hehehehe.........weird !! :D :D

  • Just a thought gins, do you put salt in your porridge? I do, just a pinch, couldn't eat it without......odd.......but then I am hehehe :D :D

  • My Dad's family had a farm from before 1900 until 1964 and they used to make brose, porridge without milk, pour it into a drawer and slice it up for when they were working in the fields.

    I have my porridge, half milk and half water, no salt or sugar but with peaches. My dogs and chickens love porridge too!

    History lesson for the day, did you know the straight kitchen implement for stirring your porridge is called a theavel or a spurtle! Based on what the Highlanders took with them and it was kept down their sock!

    A variation of round and round the garden when I was little:

    round and round the porridge pot, likin' at the theavel, one step two steps and tickle under there.

    Is xx

  • hi Gins, amazing, guess what me and hubby have just finished our breakfast - Porridge!! He has sugar, I have honey with mine. It certainly does keep you going.

    Hugs Tannels xx

  • Ta Da! Ooh I just love porridge and I have to make sure no-one comes to pinch it :D

    I lie :-o my OH can't stick the stuff LOL

    Right Gins! I like granary toast with marmite followed by fruit and yoghurt, thats a summer breakfast.

    Of course I still treat myself every now and again to a healthily cooked breaksfast :D YUMMY! sorry, but you just cannot beat that really ;)

    Shame I shouldn't eat the cholesterol though! I'm hungry now.... MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIkkkEEEEEEEEEE HEEHEE!

    I also find the oat bars good for throughout the day as an energy booster :D :D :D


  • ok just had scrambled egg with bacon and toast and yep! it was particularly yummy :D

  • Now I see why my granary toast and marmite went down so well :D :D

  • nom nom nom and nom :D

  • Do the fluffies love it too ? :D

  • No idea ;) they do like candyfloss which is sticky and gets in their fluff ;) hehehe

  • I hope you make them brush their teeth afterwards then :D :D :D

  • they don't get it from me it takes hours to get out of their fur, but yes teethypegs get brushed

  • Goody good, :D no fluffies with fillings they wouldn't sit still in the dentists chair :D

  • Morning all,

    I have never really been a breakfast fan, I cant eat anything first thing in the morning but by about 11am I'm usually rearing to go! I'm rather partial to natural greek yoghurt at the moment, with a sprinkling of granola and some prunes! Mmmm Bliss!

  • I'm like you snicky, can't face much before 11am, but then in the winter it is porridge that I go for , with a spoonful of Greek Yoghurt on top. Granola....good....prunes..... love them but they tend to create gales, so I avoid :o :o

    Foggy x

  • I make a good version of flapjack which people enjoy. I add a packet of the Omega 3 seed mix and toasted hazelnuts to my oats, then I cut down on the sugar and add some honey to the melting butter, still use a bit of golden syrup, fling it all together, into a tin and press down well and then into the oven. I don't cook it until it would turn crispy when cold, I undercook it slightly but it's gooey and lovely. If word gets out (which it seems to ) that I've made some, I have people at the door making the amount I get to eat reduce to about two pieces !! Hey ho, sharing is good hehehehe :-) :-) Will make some virtual ones to put up here for you all to enjoy :D :D

    Foggy x

  • OMG! flapjack oh I love flapjack :D

  • summer breakfast is usually a pile of assorted berries mixed with 1 tablespoon granola and a fat free Greek yogurt, yummy. Winter I mix 30g oats with a couple of vanilla Mullerlights, and leave in fridge overnight. In morning I whisk it and then make pancakes with the mixture.

    However I am very partial to flapjacks, so may well fetch up at Foggy's door in the morning :) :)

  • You are very welcome to mal, I'll make sure some are ready for you :D your recipe sounds good with the oats and yog (I find mullerlights too sweet, so I'll try natural) scrumpdiddlyumptious !!! :-) :-)

  • It does taste better with Onken yogurt, but this is a SW recipe, so it has to be a no fat and no sugar yogurt to be point free. Obviously if you aren't trying to lose weight, just use your favourite yogurt instead.

    I'll bring some with me when I come for the flapjack breakfast. Just putting my skates on now - hope to be there by morning ;)


  • Nope not on diet, and eat full fat yoghurt every day :D

    Muchly looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, hope you've got your sat nav tuned up. :D

  • Don't have a Sat Nav, don't even know where I'm going, and if I did, well I have no sense of direction anyway. I am currently whizzing down the M6, as I put my skates on and lassoed a passing caravan, hope that is in the general direction?

    Em - AKA Millie-Whiz

  • Oh Em, stay on the M6 til you meet the M5' get on to tht and just keep going until you see Taunton, peel off there and I will be there in a metallic blue Lamborghini , unmissable , so grab the tow rope and hld on for dear life, I'll have you back to the cottage in next to no time...... :D :D. It will be well worth it !! :-) :-) Can't wait. :D

    Foggy x

  • Ooh thanks for the directions, I usually use my son as a Sat Nav, as he never gets lost, but as he doesn't like flapjacks, and also has to go to work I'm on my own.

    My therapist at Fibro management Clinic said I should try to get out more, do you think this is what she meant?

    Got tow rope tied round my waist but do wish this caravan wouldn't keep changing lanes, I think they are trying to get rid of me :(

    Can only hope they are planning on going on the M5 too, or I'll have to unhitch myself and lasso something else.

    See you soon


  • For sure this is what they meant, they will be so impressed when you feel them......that is if you manage to hitch a caravan back up, they will think all very enterprising :D :D :D

  • Stuck on a roundabout at the moment - my wheels came off when the caravan whizzed round it. Told you the driver was trying to get rid of me :(

    No idea where I am , but I am ready and waiting with my trusty lasso.

    No signs of any gorgeous lamborghinis yet, so guess I must still be a long way off.

    It's getting a bit nippy out here, maybe I should hitch a ride.

    Don't tell anyone I am enterprising or Atos will send for me again :O.

    Teeth are chattering now, so looking out for a big flash car to hitch a ride in then I can snooze on the back seat.

    Hope to wake up in Taunton


  • Hi do you don't have built in sat nav, this is indeed a problem.......have sent a fleet of Lamborghinis to search for you, they come fully fitted with cuddle couches and a fine range of drinks both alcoholic and non......make yourself at home, just dont interact with the hunk drivers....... That will incur a penalty..... See you sometime, somewhere, somehow :D :D :D sends out sniffer dogs with the Lamborghinis to find out where Em is....... This is most important that she is found and not smitten kitten with the chauffeurs....... :D :D

  • who asked about salt ? Yes a bit doesnt taste the same with out it :D xgins

  • Mmeeeeeee I did, hehehe, I agree, salt is a prerequisite :D :D

  • Malajusted did you get there ? Or are you following that milkman I just saw he seemed to have something behind him that was scrapping along the road making sparks " ! Was you Mal do tel where are you do we need to put messages in a bottle?




  • Morning to you pink ribbons soya milk like it surprised me how sweet it is. My daughter has become lactose free so I am learning all the time :)


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