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I am new to this site and i am having problems with my Eyesight as well as all the other things related with fibro,

I have real problems with my eyesight lately and feel my eyesight has really deteriorated, has anyone else got this problem, :-) x

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Hi, welcome to this friendly site. It is really great and everyone is lovely.

In answer to your question I have funny eyesight from time to time, I know this has been discussed before and others have problems too.

Just out of interest are you on Gabapentin?? xx

Also....look at the Tags and you may find eyesight and read some past comments... xx

No i am on duloxetine, butrans patches for the pain, which are not really working, i am fed up going back and forth to the Dr, who is very sympathetic, lately my sight has got quite bad and i feel as if i am seeing properly only out of one eye, :-) xx

hi Fairy, i also have trouble with my sight. today it has been bad in that i am unable to focus properly. I had to have another test done a few months ago and switch from the old pair to the new. The only pain relief i have Rach is paracetemol. xxx soft hugs

Have you had your eyes tested at an optician?

Do you suffer headaches after the funny eyesight? xx

No i don‘t suffer with headaches after, xx

See an optician for a full eye health check up. Then see your GP. Fibro can cause issues with focusing (as this uses muscles) and sensitivity to bright or flashing lights, but you wouldn't expect it to worsen your sight, cause you to lose sight or any other issue. Sight problems can be a sign of something else going on (high blood pressure, MS, etc) so don't just assume they are Fibro.

I get problems with tracking and focus, it comes and goes like everything else.

I did get diagnosed with iris melanoma, very rare happily, nearly three years ago, (just to confuse things), but it was quickly treated and although my periphial vision is quite reduced, we think the other visual disturbances are due to the fibro.

I get checked regularly by both the consultant's team and the optician and all is going well tumor and treatment wise but it does make it bit hard to know for sure what symptoms are due to what.

My eyes also itch quite a bit, dry out, especially when using screens,(I use prescibed eye ointment to help that), and I get some blurring in just one eye sometimes, which also comes and goes, but far more quickly. Sometimes I can read normal print well, and the next I can't read large print! It's a good job I can't drive!

thanks for all your advice, am going to phone opticians in the morning, going to doctors on friday, soft hugs, xx

hi and a warm welcome to you yes my eyesight has deteriated the last few months but has stableised now but to be fair i am 47 this year so it was prob alot to dowith natural degeneration as much as fibro i try not to blame everything on fibro lol love to you diddle x

my eyes deteriated badly doubly vison photophobia, on having them tested they were that unstable that the optician couldnt supply new specs for weeks just kept having them tested, when got my new specs the bill was £700 and now I need new ones last pair have lasted 12months only and eyes deteriating again

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