hi does anyone else have tight tendons??

I started getting a tight tendon in my right thigh while walking, now it is all the time,to the point i can hardly walk and use a scooter and wheelchair, i also have it in my right shoulder and in my left going down to my elbow. I've had tendonitis before but this feels different. Mentioned it to my Rheumtologist and all he said was it was a progression of my illness and that was it!!!!

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  • hi thanks doc arranged for me to see another rheumo in york she was so much better then i ended going back to the old one cos doc thought it would be better so i didn't have to travel cos i'm so unwell.

    i'vew been seing the present one for years and sometimes i feel that he just dismisses me, the last time that i saw him he was more concerned that i saw a different specialist and he spent most of the consultation saying he didn't like that i was in a wheelchair. This was even though i told him i was housebound without it xxx Sharon


  • excuse my language but its crap isn't it xxx Sharon

  • it just feels like i have stretched and pulled tendons . my shoulders and neck bother me today , it was my legs and hands yrsterday x

  • I have tendonitis in my shoulders elbows, wrists, ankles. I hate it. It is so debilitating. People do not seem to understand that I might be like this for several months and then it might suddenly go. It makes me seem such a fraud, even my partner sometimes thinks I'm a slacker when there's work to be done The truth is that I work for one day then am unable to do much for months after due to the pain. This includes housework. I'm so frustrated. I've gained weight but can't exercise. Boredom because I can't do anything makes me feel like eating. I'm only twelve stone at the moment but it is piling on. Thanks for listening to my rant. XXX

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