I wone my dla

Last Friday I had my dla went to the cort house I have not been well in my head with depression has been so bad as this illness has got so much worse I had a brake down and took a over dose I was taken to hospital since then I have been going to the alms as a day case they have helped a lot I wone both sets lower on one and middle on the other what I will say is take as meny letter as pos on medical evidence as posd

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  • Well done you it will be a relief. :)


  • Delighted for your news, hope you find something to help with the depression x

  • I'm so sorry you've been having such a rough time lately stoker, but I'm pleased that you have managed to be awarded DLA on both levels. I hope that it helps somewhat and that you continue to come out of that very black place of depression. You have my sympathy and understanding.

    Foggy x

  • Good news on winning your appeal. I really hope you feel a little better soon. Depression is a very personal illness and I wish some brighter days for you very soon.

    Hugs Tannels xx

  • Thank you all so much its so nice to have people who no what you are going through and with the fribo as well

  • Well done win your case , and for standing up for yourself .

  • Well done stoker hopefully you will start to feel better now you know that task is out of the way, it must have been very worrying for you, ..gentle hugs..Dee x

  • Good news :-)



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