my mum has fibromyalgia and osteoporosis she has recently been placed in the ESA Work-Related Activity Group

she has been beside herself and the stress of them forcing her back to work has only aggravated the symptoms, we did not appeal as she was told she may lose her money altogether. After attending the ATOS assessment the only letter we received after the assessment was to advise her that she has been placed in the Work-Related Activity Group, she has had to report back detailing her score.. She has been sent an appointment to attend a Work-Related Activity Group session. I managed to get her to the GP who has supplied her with a sick note for 3 months but she is worried if she does not attend the session they will stop her money. When I called the job centre they were extremely unhelpful and I just keep getting pushed back and forth between them and the ESA dept. They cant even tell me where to take the sick note. Her GP advised that although it has been over a month she can still appeal but does anyone know what the session includes ? what happens? ESA have explained it is a group session that can last for upto 2 hours she can barely manage to sit in a chair for more than 15mins without having to get up and move around as she gets pins and needles in her leg, her back stiffens .. the list is endless.

can anyone help ??

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  • Hello there,

    I know what a worrying time this must be for you and your mum, my heart goes out to you both, I can't personally help you with this I'm afraid, I haven't got this far in my claim yet and I really struggle to understand it all. It is very complicated and hard to get your head around. If you hang on, I feel sure that you will find someone on here that will be able to help and give you some advice, or point you in the right direction of someone who can. I know its easier said than done, but try not to worry, it sounds like your Mum has a sympathetic GP and that's something I suppose.

    I hope you get it sorted out

    sending a hug for mum and one for you too x


  • thank you for your kind words and support xx

  • The sick note needs to be sent to the main Job centre, not your local one. Ask job centre where is the main one for your mother. CAB can help if they prove to be useless.

    How old is your mother? Is she under pension age. Sometimes if the person is very close to pension age, they do not make a fuss. Definitely appeal, and get advice from CAB. If you are with EDF, they have a number you can call to help you, staffed by many welfare rights people who can help you with forms and appeal. They give advice not just on energy debts, but other welfare issues.

  • my mum is 60 DOB 17.06.53 if my calculations are right her retirement age is 63. thanks for your words of wisdom very much appreciated.

  • Another good website, is They give advice and show you the descriptors for atos and for DWP, what they look for. If she was 62 or so, they may not have bothered. But do appeal now. Get CAB to make a fuss, if they will.

  • Hi I think DWP and ATOS are just not helpful at all......I was placed in WRAG when I appealed. Was told I had won my case and nothing would change for 12mths.......2mths later my money stopped because I had received it for 365days. I was not informed about appealing this, so now I received nothing because my husband works. Its a joke. See if your Mum can appeal and be put in the support group, I hope she can good luck.

    Jan x

  • I couldn't believe how rude and unhelpful they were at the job centre, and yes the whole system is a joke. Thank you for your kind words x

  • appeal asap, i did and was put in support group, ATOS told more lies about me till i showed them my Drs letter, but please appeal as quick as you can, good luck

  • I have after three years and medicals now been put in the support group, however, I went for my first interview at the job centre, the lady asked a lot of questions looked at my CV raised an eye brow said there was nothing she could do as she could not find work for the healthy and my CV is good, she phoned me every three months to see if anything had changed and if by some miracle I had found a job/voluntary position. I believe it depends on where you live as to wether they have any common sense. Don't let them bully you, appeal if you can!

  • I do not know if this is of any help. If there is a Disability Solutions advice service near to you contact them. They will help you in anyway they can, advice forms etc they are very good, they will see it through until you get a definite conclusion and they will even visit your mom if she cannot get into see them.

    Please try and find a center near to you, I did and I havent looked back they helped with my DLA I never thought I would get any sort of benefit but they did all the paperwork for me and I got it. I am booked in to see them again for help with my renewal. Im sure they will be able to help in some way or another.

  • Hi im in the wrag group if your mum is unwell and cant get there just phone then talk to who ever she is supposed to be seeing say unwell cant make it they will send your mum new appointment i have been unable to attend many appointments which are only mthly ones but she must tell them if cant attened or they will take money of her ESA when she goes its just to find out about her illness ask her bring in a copy of her cv im nearly 56 and have F/M and O/A IBS etc i know theres no way i will be able to go back to work i worked up2 3 years ago i have had 13 operations but now my body has had enuff hope this helps xx

  • Hi Sophie 22 ,

    Hope your not in too much pain today. I have suffered with RA,and a number of other issues over the last two years.

    I was reading your message about ESA, may I ask how long after sending in your forms on each occasions how long you have waited before receiving a decision also with DLA. Any help in this area will be great.

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