How I've always felt

How I've always felt

I came aross this whilst look about for Pic of the day, and it couldn't possibly have been more me. I was always the one doing gymnastics when meant to be doing ballet and of course the other way round. I was a monkey and up every tree in our woodland, I had a pony trained to gallop from the field to my favourite oak tree, no saddle, no bridle just head collar and rope, she knew exactly where to go. I would climb off her back and straight up to the top of the tree and Saffy would just stay munching away happily. Unfortunately my parents twigged to this way of my escape from trouble darn it, but it does bring back memories of being a bit of a rebel. Oh how I long I wish I was able to do such a thing nowadays. In your dreams Foggy, in your dreams :-(

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  • you can just different ways and i have also another saying about people in the world ...........there are only three types bronze silver and gold and your one of the gold ones ^_^

  • Who ???? That cannot be, you are far far too kind. :-)

  • She does look like she's having more fun ;) xx

  • Hi foggy that's me to a T only minus the horse, and don't put your self down, morewennas right you are one of the gold ones....Deexx

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