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things to always do

if you go to to see any specialists ,whether pain clinics,rheumotologists etc.. always without fail ask to be copied into the letter and then you always have a copy ,if dealing with the dwp always copy your copy and send them that way always insuring you have a copy at all times for your records

when it comes to dwp always copy anything and everything time and again as the one time you forget ,could be the time you need it the most, people who are on here and are maybe recently diagnosed will benefit from the information so i thought i would post it and if it also helps a few more people on the way,then it is for the greater good,when you go for a dwp assessment and they tell you to get up on the bed and normally you struggle to do this ,tell them you can't do it ,take no notice if they huff and puff,don't be intimidated by them either,they don't care about you so why waste energy csring what they think, all they are ,is another thorn in your (already painful) side

i am in the midst of a battle with them and i am detemined it WILL be me in the long run who will win the war, in the beginning i felt i just wanted to curl up and die rather than fight with them but then i thought no bl***dy way would the "old me" let people treat me badly (like the dwp have) so i am not going out all guns blazing so to speak but more a gently ,gently, catchee monkey sort of approach, it may take a while,but wish me luck!!!

and remember photocopy EVERYTHING!!!!! if you don't like me in the very beginning 13 years ago you will regret it,i have never had a specialist refuse to copy me into a letter ,they are usually happy to do so

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Sorry for laughing but its not at you at all, I always ask for a copy to be sent to me and my last consulatant sent me a copy and my gp didn't get one . my gp had to photocopy mine for his surgery notes.....

VG x


Thanks EJ, I totally agree that it is really important to keep copies of all communications from consultants and GPs. I found them useful when I had to see the Occupational Health doctors as well as when making other applications. As EJ says make sure you photocopy everything and keep the originals safe at home! All best wishes to you all. Jane x


Very good advice, I try to do this too, but my faling is to file things away (after copying) but am unable to find them afterwards! I do have a really organized filing system, eveything catagorised & labelled, but no amount of nicely labelled files can help unless I can make myself remember to put them there!


Thanks for the advice and good for you - You fight them all the way! good luck and hope they dont make it too difficult for you!

Becky xx


Yes I believe in copy copy copy and then file them so you can find them - most important - good luck with your battle I do hope you win. Remember most of these people are jobs worths and as such are uncaring so try and keep a thick skin when dealing with them Good luck xgins


my speclist had no problem putting together a letter for me to give to the ESA, I am still waiting to either a) go for their assessment or b) be put straight into a group.


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