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Hi is anyone on Personal Independence Payments? I am receiving no benefits at all. My ESA stopped at the end of July, I applied for PIP in June. However I have not heard anything, tried ringing DWP but the 2 phone numbers just keep sending me round in circles its bloody frustrating.

We are really struggling with money, and we have had to go into a Debt Management, but still living on fresh air!!

Jan x

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I'm sorry you,are having such a tough time at the moment Jan, I really feel for you. I think maybe a visit to the CAB would be a good idea, they can put you in touch with charities who help people who are in such circumstances, I know several people you have had to go down this route and they have been amazed by the help which is on offer.

With regards to your phoning to get knowledge of how your claim is being processed, I just keep hitting the 0 button and it has quickly got me through to an "actual real live person".

I really hope you manage to get some help very soon Jan !

Foggy x


Thank you, still trying to ring be here all

Jan x


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