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Having a rough day - dizzy

Really struggling today. Woke up feeling dizzy and light headed and have felt the same all day. :( I'm tired so that's probably not helping. I'm suspicious that this has been caused by something I ate yesterday which was burnt (thought I was imagining it and ate some before I realised it really was burnt, idiot that I am).

Every time I move my head I feel dizzy and I have to drive a short distance in a few hours. Worried about that a bit, since my kids have their eye test to go to and it's too far to walk (literally, it's 7 miles). Does anything help for dizziness?


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Hi Ladytelita.

This sounds a bit like how I feel when I get labyrinthitis, which affects the inner ear. I was advised by the GP not to drive when I get it, I certainly don't drive far with it. The other week I was very sick in a friends car (luckily into a bag!), windy roads aren't good. If possible, for the most part, I try to stay as still as possible, although to contradict that, sometimes I get really dizzy in bed...

I also know someone who suffers as well from it where there are "crystals" in the ear which causes the effects and she gets "thrown" about to put them back in place. Or something like that!?

I think you should see your GP about it, especially if it continues or comes back again.

Hope you feel better, take care.

Is xx


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