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Saturday its looks grey anyone else go for haircuts to cheer ourselves up. I went yesterday and am now modelling on one side a smart 1930

Saturday its looks grey  anyone else go for haircuts to cheer ourselves up.  I went yesterday and am now modelling on one side a smart 1930

bob the other has been taken so low it is almost punk. The back goes from short at an angle around to the long side. It is marvelous and makes me smile :D It is easy to do not hot the benefit I can wear all my single earrings as only one ear shows.

I have a new adopted family the daughter at 15 years of age has blue hair graduating from dark to light - quite beautiful mine is dark to blond. Anyone else use colour or cuts that would interest us.

I always fancied rainbow but it would never have been the right thing to do hehehe.


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Hi gins sounds funky, u should put a photo on here so we can see what it looks like, had mine cut tues but boring me it's looks just the same asin my photo, I think I'm a bit old in the tooth to start all these funky trends don't you, at 72 I think I would be sending out the wrong signals. Lol, ...Dee x


surely not! thought you were younger (truly) but a good friend of mine who is not much younger than you has quite short cut worn slightly spiky which changes colour on the ends I mean she has it dyed a different colour each time, not that it changes as you look at it - now there's an interesting idea...

any road up - she looks fab and not weird at all :)


yes put up a photo x


had trouble with photo so put Bob the owl up instead qwhat a cut


Hi gins cookie and summer! So spooky you mention haircuts as just had to cancel mine as have an awful headache :-( how sad! Rainbow colours sound cool. Our raven blue or ariel red. The red comes out quickly though. Enjoy your new hair :-D


Hope your head gets better soon Zosie, I had a migraine yesterday, so I sympathise, healing vibes coming your way :-)


Well, I must be the most boring thing in boringsville, I've had a blunt cut bob for the last goodness knows how many years. I have the worst hair in the world, it's so so fine and was dead straight until I lost it all some years back with illness, now it's got a bit of a kink in it but it always, always looks a mess. I have had blonde highlights put through it to disguise the ever greying. I did that about this time last year prior to my father's funeral as my last attempt at colouring it brought a "you've shocked me to my very core" reaction, I let it go, but then thought, ok, I'm not going to get any adverse comments, so went for it. The other problem is that I find it hard to gather together the extra pennies to have it done regularly, so haven't done it through the summer as I know the sun strips the colour, so you have jogged my memory and I will me making another appointment to have it done before my sister in law comes to visit in a fortnight .

Good on all of you who are brave enough to sport fun cuts and colours, I'm just not confident enough to carry it off anyway :o

Foggy x

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no me neither foggy had this boring haircut for about 9yrs now,and getting grayer and grayer lol ....Dee x


Hiya, don't do what I did!!!!! Woke up tues 2 weeks ago, looked in the mirror and thought 'heavens I look 100 years old'. So hotfooted to my hairdressers. To get this in perspective, I am now 59 (this week), salt & pepper grey, more grey/silver on top, have fine thin hair but loads of if (you could lawnmower it!) and straight. Was growing out layers into a bob and growing my fringe out. My fringe had just got to the point where it could almost hook over my ear! Having trawled the internet, decided to go short (I have been there before) and fancied somewhere between Judy Dench length and Jamie Lee Curtis. Said to the receptionist must have it short today or will chicken out.

The stylist had the ipad in front of her with a piccy of judy dench, good I thought! Came out 3/4 hr later shorter than said Judy, roughly 3/4 inch long at the longest bit. I'm still not sure, except its wash and go now. Cant colour it cos I have massive chemical sensitivities and what a shock as to how grey/silver it is. The jury is still out. Most people said it suits my face, everyone said it took 10 years off me, and one bloke said it was like a haircut you see on a chic french woman (well!!!!! how sweet) and the rest said I was both very strong and very brave to have it done. (no-one said it was foolhardy). Still coming to terms with it, have gone back to using a silver shampoo to highlight the silver, I couldn't even have it foiled as its way too short. There are three consolations: 1, I wont have to go to the hairdressers for at least 8 weeks if longer, so it will save money 2, it will grow eventually 3, when I go on my hols in a couple of weeks I won't look like a drowned rat most of the time! Hubby has politely said it has taken some getting used to.

So, if you are going to get cut into another style wait a day or so, get your hairdresser to cut it short in stages so you can say stop if necessary and do have a good idea of what it will look like. Good luck Lynn xx


well on my depresive days i dye my own hair gone many coulours but at the moment i bleached it but last week thought it was boring (another down day) so now im blonde with candy flosss pink on top!im 49 and love it have had many colours in my past inclu very bright red/pink .had it cut short a few weeks ago then asked her back to shave the sides and back! i love it cheers me up


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