May make for a smile - or even a groan!

May make for a smile - or even a groan!

There was some upset at Margaret Thatcher’s funeral when the decorations were being prepared.

More specifically over the drawing pins used to put them up.

The upset was caused because a cheap Polish imported brand was used; people said the organizers should have supported British businesses. Apparently some people were so upset they threatened to go on hunger strike.

I thought we'd seen the end of the Pole Tacks Diets.

(OK, getting my coat ...

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  • What can I say ;-) .............. It's how you tell 'em ............. hands Puss her coat ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

    Foggy x

  • Yep, it's definitely a groan ;)

    Pip xx

  • dreadful snaggle pus LOL

  • groan! thanks for the smile :D

  • :) ..Dee x

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