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Feeling depressed

The humidity is killing me , stabbing pains attacked my legs again last night , and continuing today and in hips , shoulders, hands ! I im on couch and cant do anything . Thankfully see pain doctor in two week , my lycria has been upped but the flare has taken over . My ibs and bladder are all over the place , ill just go with it , its just that the flares are becoming worse ! Sorry to go on , does the humidity effect anyone else like this , just neede to speakwith you guys x hugs angie x

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Sorry to hear you are having a rough time due to the temperature it really does take the energy out of us doesn't it.

Yes I think the temperature and humidity is horrid for us all giving pain exhaustion headache to name but a few of the things enhanced by the weather.

Do take care of yourself xxgins


Hi gins , sendings hugs to you xxx


Hi I find the heat too much, plus my lower back pain is worse, stabbing pains all over. Just cant get myself together. My daughter said she misses her old mam....we both cried. So unfair. Big hugs. xx

Jan x


hi there broaband, yes its really exhausting, i have a fan on me whenever i sit or lay down, i def'o have it on all night pointing right at my face winter and summer, i have read that a fibro sufferer would benifit from having a fan on winter or summer, i think its because we also have these blooming hot sweats don't we, this condition has a lot to answer take care hope you feel a little better tomorrow, hugs to you and gins & all .....Dee xx


Hi Broadband. The weather isn't good for a lot of us. Saw the GP about the extra pain and told couldn't give me anything for the pain! It will start to cool down soon so we'll hopefully get a bit of relief.

Take care and keep strong.

Is xx


Hugs to you all , it certainly has alot to answer for , its not fare we have to live with this ! Is good we can talk it through on here , we can then keep each other strong !big hugs x keep well , angie x


Hi you

yes and yes etc. But you must not feel so far down and get someone round who will make you laught,talk to you about other things and not your f.m.I have been so far down that my life was not worth keeping going, but I had a wake up call and I am getting help.

Lets talk!!!!!!.

Have you got children? I have three step ones and one nineteen year old boy, that a thing on its own.

I got two grandsons, ones one an a half and the other two months.

Have you got hobbits?

Do you enjoy the soaps? I watch them because I can disappear for a while in T.V land.

I hope you see this as helpful always on the end of a e-mail.

Keep smiling



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