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Best place to live with Fibromyalgia


My husband and I are looking to possibly move in 2 years when our daughter graduates from high school. I spoke to a friend today, and they said a higher latitude on the earth would be a good place. Has anyone heard this? I found it interesting since I was looking to go further north. I know humidity and storms coming hurt me, so I don't know that latitude would help. Any thoughts would be welcome.

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If you find somewhere ... I think we will all be wanting to move !!!

We can move to a commune.

Wooden tubs with our washing in.

Mydexter in reply to spider555

Suit me, I'm an old "hippy". LOL

Anywhere where there's lots of sun for me👍

spider555 in reply to Mydexter

And me. Long grey hair in a plait 😃

Mydexter in reply to spider555

Don't forget the headband😃😃

Faceinajar in reply to spider555

Can I come too ?? I'm a good cook , if someone grows all the fruit & veggies i'll cook for us all !! ☺

Hey Lovely,

Geography etc is really not my strong point haha, but I know I always feel better when it's warmer weather! I know that isn't guaranteed anywhere in the UK but might be a start! Also, being close to the shops, GP, transport routes etc is another thing to check out as if you aren't feeling well at least you can still get out and about if you need to xxx

Many have found a warmer, not too humid climate has really helped them. Good luck with finding somewhere we are at the moment packing our suitcases.x

In the early 90's, a Report was done stating that Tenerife was one of the healthiest places on earth. Don't know how it's faring these days, but I always used to get a boost when I went there, even out of season. Might be worth looking into? B xx

Hidden in reply to LadyBarb

Lady b,let's run off too tenerife,the cats would love the warmth☺ xxx

LadyBarb in reply to Hidden

You're on Lors ❤️️ Sounds like a plan to me! Wish I'd done it many years ago! xxx

Hidden in reply to LadyBarb

I'm packing as we speak☺xxx

I have just been aboard and while being in the sun with warm weather my fibromyalgia almost stop. Less aches and pains and more mobility.

since I come back its been pain.less exercise .

I would say warm weather works for me.

I found Malta - was lovely most of the time it’s a warm place - just August it can get too hot


I'd be happy anywhere warm but not too hot,with no humidity, that always makes me worse when it's humid

Faceinajar in reply to Hidden

Hi Lorsxxxx I'm with you there ☺ Don't like to be hot & really dislike humidity 😝 .Give me a cooler clime with sunshine & not too much rain Lol 😅Not asking too much is it !!!

Hidden in reply to Faceinajar

I'm sure there's somewhere like that,its just not the UK,I quite like it hot,just not too hot,oh how I'd love too emergrate☺

Warm and dry I think. I've heard of several people with our type of probs doing well in southern Spain. Relapsing when they return to soggy Britain.

Thank you everyone. I like the responses.

I was doing some research and it’s says there are actually more case in higher lagitude of Fibromyalgia and MS

I lived in Sierra Vista, Arizona for a year and want to go back. I have a lot of joint pain since childhood along with sle and for the first time my body did not hurt so much. It has the lowest humidity. I definitely do better in dry climate. Loved it there. We lived where there were trees and mountains.God Bless you. Hope you find something. look for dry climate. Florida is the pits for me. Nothing but humidity. Colorado doesnt have bad humidity, Az. is best.

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