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Morning All How is every one today have we got smiley faces :)

Oh dear I feel like a red co- I never have but I have watched the programmes on tv at at Butlins Anyone been to Butlins I havent but I have watched HI di HI

So I suppose I have an unrealistic view of holiday camps.

We rarely had holidays of any sort just played on the farm when I was a kid. I have improved that since I became an adult not with my children but after they had fledged. I have been to Italy numerous times and fallen inn love with the people the climate the food not to say the wine wonderful.

I have been other places in the last 14 years that have made me smile. Now where shall I try and get to next year and suggestions?


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We tend to stay home... every time we have gone away the kids are miserable! on the third day its a case of when do we go home? we can we gone home? can we go home early? yup we always go home early!!

no bed like your own and kids prefer home, lovely really and nice that our home is a place that the kids can always come back to do their own thing :D


I was a Butlin's baby. I was fortunate in growing up in a time when we could go off for hours on our own, the funfairs, indoor and heated outdoor pools [with fountains!] children's entertainers, the puffing billy train rides and a real steam engine to clamber over. then seeing real stars on the stage.

oh gins! you've set me off down memory lane now...


Try Florida gins, really lovely, mind you it was about 30yrs ago now, we did take the kids to Warners holiday camp when they were little, was great cos they were entertained most of th day, didnt go away when I was a kid, well not till the age of 17yrs then we went away to Canvey Island and I had sunstroke lol, been to turkey, Spain and Benidorm since later in life, ....Dee x


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