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Christmas decs,,,, anyone got one that is absolutely useless

As I mentioned last week although I live in a small estate of bungalows mainly occupied by Pensioners ,mine is the least decorated house in the road, they have outdoor lights and scenes one has an inflatable snowman, but the award for the most useless is the one in the window opposite in large numbers it counts down the days hours and minutes to dec 25th .. Except it's wrong ..... If you follow that snowman clock we would have to celebrate Christmas at 3am boxing day....

My own personal dec I bought a tree with decs included , for the top is a star.... With a decorative spiral to fit on the top pointy branch... It's far too heavy it just bends to branch down and falls down... I had to go out and buy a light angel/ fairy

VG x

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you should drive to Yorkshire and see a house in Ripon. You can't see the house or the garden for xmas decs ... they've even built a large pagoda type thing so that can hang light and streamer from it. I can imagine their neighbours are too afraid to leave the house for the shame of it lol

As for the most useless ... I gotta vote for all of em! They serve no purpose other than competing with the neighbours for who's got the best tree lol


my beautiful 3ft pre-lit tree is I've not been able to get it out the box yet.



ohh sounds funny VG ok so you cn celebrate slightly slonger maybe.

you really have took notice of things there hahahaha

'apparently' i get told to put things up as always done in November! (long story good reason for it)

Anyway the spiral did not want to be on the tree mr squiggle wants to go some where else lol so miss fairy said thats her place haha.

i hate my tree we had to put it together numbered branches and the kittens just enjoy pulling it over constantly so i say this is a 'useless' decorated tree!!

the lights have been ruined and the courgette flowers i got from Tongue garden last year keep falling off too as they clip on. the fluffy lights are ok.

i give up this year and thats final i think i will leave the tree laid down next time it falls over and call it the laziest christmas tree ever that all it watns to do is sleeeep heheheeh xxxxx

ps i/we so trying via federations and associations to get a bungalow for me but its hard.

and as for Ripon house not far from me near Roundhay park infact 10 mins walk and 2 mins in car.

ther is a house that is so lit up omg we took pics yesterday i will post on a blog as cannot share.

nice on VG xxx


Ooohhh look forward to seeing the piccy

VG x


Oh lol, we had a star for our tree and it just kept flopping downwards. As much as hubby fixed it down it came again. Luckily enough we had a fairy we had never used so she has taken pride of place this year. But when it is time to come down the tree and lights are going in the bin. I never use lights for more than five years anyway after a 6 year old set blew up! But the tree is old now and the cones are all breaking each time we put it away. But hubby said get rid and if we are all still here next December he will buy a new tree lol xxxxx


I've bought that many trees in the past I've stopped counting. I wanted a fibre optic tree that was really bright and sparkly but all the ones I bought wouldn't light a fag!!! I finally found one in Poundstretchers - ooh, can I mention names? - well, too late now - and it's brilliant. It has little flowery stars on it that light up beautifully and it only cost me £14.99!!! I'm so thrilled, eh? , the simple things that cheer me up. My aunty bought one similar to mine from a local garden centre and she paid £30!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXX


i think putting Xmas trees up does serve a purpose. at least for me. you can guarantee, no matter how early or late mine goes up i cannot feel the Xmas spirit at all until its up and decorated and lit. feel so much better,brighter and happier with that tree there. signifies hope that everything will be OK.


Most Definately hugosmum I feel all Christmassy when the tree goes up and now there are presents under it.......I would bounce if I still could



Last year we were out of Sheffield (In swansea looking after dad in law and putting up a photo exhibition) followed by the same 83 year old dad in law at our house for 2 months in the spare room and brother in law and his daughter in our living room for 3 weeks on the sofa and floor! So, thinking that ther would be no room in our hose for it that year I bah humbug) decided to chuck away my old mangy 5 footer, as it was too much trouble and put out hubbys old 2 fott tinsel tree that he complains we never use instaed. Well, it looked so sorry it was almost like Xmas never happened. No one in the house had any Xmas spirit (just glad to have a roof over their heads) and Xmas cards didn't get sent either.

This year I said I would go to the trouble of a 4 footer as I hate all that reaching round the tree malarky, with the lights, as you all know that is the most painful part of the decorating with fibro. Well couldn't find a 4 or even a 5 foot tree that didn't look like a cheap plastic twig (terribly picky about my tree, you know), and ended up horrors of all horrors, with a 6 foot tree from tesco (dead cheap tho).

Well, although it floored me for around 2 days after, putting up that darn tree was probably the most fulfilling thing I did all year. Hubby took pity on me and helped with the lights, and then I put the baubles on the week after.

The folk at work thought I was mad putting it up in November, but I knew if I didn't do it then, it would never get it done.

Yes "verygrumpy" the urge to bounce is still there, as it looks so lovely, but definately off the radar now.

That reminds me. Last year we all but into a £1 bran tub at work and I ended up with a father xmas skipping rope (of all things). I said I was sure I could still skip (fool!). They all had a go and then when my turn came, I did a couple of little jumps, and mid applause I had to literally skip to the loo!! It comes to us all, I suppose. With or without fibro, I don't know any 40-something year old lady who wouldn't have the same problem. We're really daft there you know, and I still get ribbed for that one.

ANYWAYS.....I hope you all have as best an Xmas as you possibly can. For me the tree is all Xmas needs to be. No one will get me cooking a 10 course meal thankfully so that is all the effort I need to put in. I really hope that if there is anyone out there dreading the Xmas cooking, that you get through it in one piece, I know it would break me, and I hope it goes well for you



Oh! Fairycazzie, just seen you do it all in November too. Always best to get it sorted. I bet it is an interesting story though :-), and surely can't be as long as mine, but would love to hear it if you have time and it's not too explicit :-)


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