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Afternoon Tea any one - do join in make a present for some one you love it is fun so indulge! You may even use the idea for Christmas!!!

Imagine - you are all good at that- a box about 8inches square it has a hinged lid .It can be a beautiful box covered in colourful decoration you tell me or a scratty box worn and beaten up now 1. the box 2. what is in it ? ( you can put anything in you like for a very dear friend what would you put inside?

3. please describe thing going into box

enjoy I will put my box up about 12.00 for you to peep into --- have fun xgins

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Hi all my box is made of sandal wood so it has a lovely aroma when you open it. The top of the box is covered in delightful squares of abalone shell so it is creamy coloured and brilliantly shiny.


When you open the box there are two compartments lined with green silk.

resting in the first side an envelope in which a ticket to ride on ~~~~~~~~~~~~

in the second side an enchanting broach of a hot air balloon with a wicker basket in chased silver and the ropes binding the balloon.,which is green and yellow.

So My present is a ticket to ride what is yours??????????

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my box is cardboard held together with sticky tape - it's slightly wonky, but full of hope [ a bit like me :) ]

there's paper flowers and they're dusted with glitter to remind us of these sunny days,

there's crayons, stickers & pens to decorate it with,

a throw-away camera to capture magic moments,

and a frame to display the photo's in.

my box is a day to remember.

sandra 8-)


San I love your box it is wicked xgins


Christmas..........gins that is a naughty word this time of year!!!!Hee! xxx


my crafter friend is busy making her cards to sell at christmas fayres.

as they say on all the best quiz shows -

"what's in your box" della?


Thorntons finest! Hee! x


yum :P


Love your boxes guys :) Mine is a midnight blue velvet one that feels gorgeous (doing desensitising exercises at mo for CRPS) and when it's opened has a rich satin lining. In it is a bottle of frankincense massage oil, some large smooth pebbles, a soft body wrap with matching eye mask, a bottle of elderflower cordial and an iPod with lots of music and books read by people with lovely voices...

my box is a luxury pamper day(s!) with a reduction of pain (dare I say pain-free? oops just did)

there must be more boxes out there?


sounds ideal :)


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