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Being self employed since 1990 never had a sick Note literally had to ask my less than sympathetic. GP for one as going through really bad spell since xmas downloaded and filled in the 56 page document now been sent another document on limited ability to work or something with questions such as can I pick up a £ coin - can I chew my food without help !!!!!!! Very indepth from a 4 week sicknote with fibromyalgia and all sorts of mental health questions maybe they think I'm insane or something must ring them as I'm sure I've been sent the wrong forms ............ So tell me Is there no such thIng as standard sick pay for self employed anymore for goodness sake !! After years of coping with this now finding it very difficult to carry on - one question was can I lift a 1 pint carton or a large empty cardboard box ?? Yes I can lIft an empty box but I can no longer package a full teaset into a large box then lift it as my job entaisl nor can I carry out my furniture restoration and painting work all seems very difficult and I'm put off going this process already has anyone else had such problems ??????? Thankyou

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Unfortunately his is the process that has to be taken. ESA is for people who work and dont work due to illness but as I understood it you had to have so many weeks of SSP paid before applying??? has this changed???? Basically the form you have been sent is to see whether they think u should be working not if u think u should be off due to pain and illness. I had to fill one in too and thought the £1 question a bit daft for me but someone with ms or any other muscular/arthritic disability may not be able to do it. Then again when my hands are very sore I cannot pick hardly anything up so it varies I guess. Maybe you should think about changing GP's too. I was never self employed I hasten to add but just thought I would add my 2p's


Well glad I am not the only one to have been sent such a form best I can do is fill it in honestly and hope for the best seems a long winded process for a 4 week sicknote but I am getting to the stage of being unable to do my work as my arms are totally gone thinking of writing to all the other local GP's see if anyone is sympathetic to fibromyalgia as think mine is getting impatient when I keep going back which is not much help ..........all good fun eh !! Thankyou for your comments


You may be able to get some help from one of the specialist advice organisations listed on the link below:

You may also find this info on work useful. I know, for example, that Access for Work is available for self-employed people and can pay for, e.g. a PA if this enables you to continue working.

As you posted this blog twice, I'll delete the second posting with no comments for you so it doesn't get confusing.


I'm also self-employed. And starting to wonder how much longer I can carry on. Just not sure what options I have other than to struggle on day after day. So if you get Adler answer to how you claim sick pay, I'd love to know.





Hi there kazf ........ Same here !! Been self employed since 1990 and apart from maternity time off nver had sick note since about 1992 then it was simple case of sending sick note to DSS went to job centre to ask all they gave me was phone no and website to print form off which was 56 pages long !! Sent that off now I have another ggrrr !! Will have to go alOng with it as reached very bad spell since xmas hardly moved off sofa like you now finding it sooo hard to carry on ........ I have had 4 antique shops since 1990 started to go downhill as I just couldn't cope so had to close the last in 2010 set up vintage website which is now proving hard to do - I can no longer trudge round all day sourcing stock the setting up and photographing is killer for my arms and can't carry on packaging can't lift or move the furniture I used to paint and restore so simply can't carry on - there is no way I would hold a job down so don't know which way to go to be honest - my gp who is lady with 4 children herself you would think knew how hard it is to carry on when you are well never mind when you're not ........I literally feel like I have used all my energy the past few years fighting this and now my batterys have run out !!!!!!!! Will fill this form in and send off do keep in touch see how I get on I may well ring them up tomorrow just because I can pick up a £ coin doesn't mean there is nothing wrong with me its pure craaaazy !!!!!!! Lost all faith in this country seems heavily weighed in favour of those who have never worked !!! Take care x


hi there, very sorry

fully understsand the frustration!


i am self-employed too. the difference for me is i took a massive decision and what little custoemrs i had i took some one on to continue my work for me and its been a very very rocky road as i never ever thought of being able to claim for anything , it is still on going nearly 3 yrs in may.

i have forms and have read them and on my worst days like today is bad i can barely do anything .

i so hope things work out for you in getting some where and keep us posted please add me if you like and inbox

xxxxxx huggles to you xxxxxx caroline


Hi All

I have been self employed for 5 years, although was also employed until 2010. first claimed ESA & DLA in December 2011. As far as I know there is no alternative ssp for self employed people, it's esa or nothing. I recd standard esa until July 2012 when I was awarded only 6 points for mobility but nothing for care, so did not receive enough points to continue receiving payment. I did not appeal esa decision as I had been offered a flexible home based work contract with a previous client and just felt the whole stress process for what you receive was just not worth it, and I would be much better financially and in myself by working.


I have a feeling that it's the same whether you're self-employed or employed by someone else. Another horrid new rule brought in so that people don't get 'stuck on sickness benefit'.


But please get some advice when you fill out the ESA50. A lot of people get caught out because they think the questions don't apply to them but eg if you can't do something repeatedly and safely and in a timely fashion then answer 'no' or 'it varies'. For instance I could maybe bend down once when not fatigued or in pain but wouldn't be ab;e to do it repeatedly in a reasonable time.

Have a look at this site:


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