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I must start this question off by saying I do know how lucky I am and I don't mean this question to come across as me moaning or showing off

I am going on holiday on Thursday and part of me is very worry about it.

I have now been given a label of having Chronic fibromyalgia , along with a couple of discs in my back are crumbling and I have osteoporosis in one hip, and they think in the other one as well. To top it off I also have asthma

I am scared how I am going to cope with the pain in my lower back and my hips while I am going to have to be sitting on the plane for some 5 hours. I take Oramorph for break through pain every four hours

Has anyone else been on a aeroplane and how did you cope.

The holiday was sorted before I got this bad but I really want to go

Any advice will be welcome as I find sitting down at a table very painful

Thanks for reading this


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H,i Caroline

I flew inDo take all the help the offer May although not for 5 hours - it was ok infact most enjOYABLE. Do take all the help on offer it helps. Let your stewardess know your back is really bad and as you are on for five hours see if you can walk about for a bit this will stop you seizing up. Good luck I hope you have a wonderful time xgins



I do 10 hour flights. Ask for an aisle seat and explain to the flight attendants that you can't sit for long lengths of time. I have always found them brilliant and they helped me in any way they could.

Have a great holiday.



Hi thanks for the advice , it was good to see other people with similar things wrong with me. I will get a aisle seat and will have all my meds with me and I will keep topped up during the flight and once we are settled in to our hotel I will go back to takings pain meds only when I need them.

I really can't wait two weeks in the sun, I really hope the warmer weather will help my joints so my holiday improves my condition

Thanks Caroline xxx


Make sure you call the airline before you travel and ask for assistance at the airport. They will then transport you to your gate -they always seem to use the gate that is a mile away!- and someone will be waiting for you at your destination. Don't struggle when there is no need. Happy holiday!


Hi. I went to Vegas for just one week in June because my daughter was getting married there. I was so very anxious that the stress alone would make me so ill that I would spend the whole week in hotel bedroom. The flight was 14 hours. I was very relieved that not only did I not have any extra problems than normal, I managed to walk my daughter down the isle without tripping & pulling her over on the way. I did spend sometime in my room resting but the problem of not sleeping didn't matter because Vegas doesn't sleep! So 2 long haul flights in a week,weather blistering hot, trying to keep up with everyone in the evenings & failing, plus an emotional wedding day. I would not have missed it for the World. About 10 days after I got back I crashed but do you know what? I flippin didn't care. Hope you go for it too x


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