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Branch Chain Amino Acids

Hi all dose anyone out there use Branch Chain Amino Acids? and if there is dose it work? i know it tends to be mainly for those doing extensive workouts, body building and such but i was told by a professional body builder that it would do me good to take them since my FB has a lot to do with depleted serotonin and says it would also help stop sugar cravings. Dose anyone know about this?

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Hello Gloglo,

I have found this which is a section from Men Fitness magazine, Supplement Guide: Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCCA) Improve exercise performance and reduce muscle breakdown by Lisa Freedman

Improving exercise performance

Exercise causes an increase in serotonin levels, which are believed to cause fatigue. But BCAAs are believed to reduce serotonin levels, and thus cancel out the fatigue and actually enhance exercise performance

.(more text follows)

Firstly, as many of you know you should never add any other drugs or supplements with asking you GP if it is safe to do so with other medication. In answer to your question my opinion based on the statement above is that all the medication that has been researched for Fibromyagia for instance the neurotransmitters listed on the website increase serotonin.

Therefore the BCCA as it decreases serotonin, again based on the statement above will do the opposite to the all the medication used for Fibromyalgia. Using this information I would personally say no it wouldn't help as an educated guess but I obviously cannot confirm without looking into research for the use of BCCA to treat Fibromyalgia.

There is a second paragraph about Reducing Muscle Breakdown if you would like the link for the article please private message me. If you can afford me some time I will discuss BCCA with other members of FibroAction and try to get back to you with information that is evidence based if I can.

If you would like to email with the query we see what we can find out. It is a very interesting post Gloglo and I look forward to hearing others views.

Please as I mentioned before members, do not try anything without asking you doctor first. Sorry, to keep saying it but people have done this and been very poorly as a result. We have the very best intentions

Kind Regards

Emma :)


yes i understand what you mean. the reason why i was considering it was because of the effects on strengthening the muscles during and after excersice. But the thing is because there is a lack of it we need to do more excersice which then would produce more serotonin which in turn makes us often too tired to even want to do more excercise. but your right its best not to try it.


Just to add Gloglo, you mentioned depleted serotonin. Here is the 'All about Fibro' factsheet which you can download & print if you wish about serotonin, dopamine etc



Hi Mdaisy

thank you very much for replying will email you and i look forward to see what you can find out.


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