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Specialist shock

Hi all

Well I had my specialist yesterday about my fibro while their with my new symptoms I told her about she looked at my swollen legs and feet she checked my blood pressure followed by an ECG and chest xray went back to see her she had spoken to heart specialist and I've now got to see heart specialist because I've got a enlarge heart so got to rest etc till I see him fancy seeing fibro specialist and coming out after being told got a heart problem j

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Oh Tweety what bad luck but at least they have identified the problem so that is really good. They should soon be able to help you do remain positive gentle hugs ((((()))) xgins


Thank you gins x


Hi tweety, I know it must have been a big shock for you, but at least they have diagnosed a problem and now they can treat it. I hope you don't have long to wait before you see the cardiologist.

Best wishes, Foggy x


Hi. I'm fairly new on here.

I was just reading your post.

Wow! What a shock that must have been. It's really good that they were so thorough though. At least now you know what you're dealing with and you can get the correct treatment.

A blessing in disguise maybe?

Good luck with your next appointments. I really hope all goes well for you.



Thank you both x


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