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Had enough of the NHS!

I am so angry and tearful today! The GP's are rubbish the only things they say is ''I can't help'' or '' what do you want me to do!'' Rung my pain management team 20 times in 6 weeks now! finally got through!! My infusions are suppose to be every 6 weeks maximum! I am lucky if I get them every 3 months!! After the one in August (I PRAY THEY GIVE ME THE RIGHT DRUG THIS TIME!!!) I will be waiting until December until my next Infusion.

This is not good enough!

The NHS happily treats old people! What about young people! They are not bothered. At 20 I am crawling up the stairs in pain, sleeping on pillows, coming out in black bruises daily. Unable to socialise, am walking worse than my 80 year old nana with hip replacements and having to have OT assessments! I have had enough NHS you are shocking! PALS IS CRAP THEY NEVER ANSWER THE PHONE!

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PALS don't answer emails either .... So you are no alone ... I am supposed to have my injections every 3 months .. It's not happening regular so my GP has got me an emergency appointment with my pain injection consultant .... On the very day I SHOULD be getting my injections ... So I guess I won't be getting them in three months .. Unless I take my whip and get him to inject me while we discuss why I am not getting my injections...

Yours sympathetically

VG x


I am totally on your side, PALS does not exist any more - I have and live with 24/7 pain, having to take 18 tablets a day. pals is replaced by Patient Experience - "No one " answers yet promise to get back to you within 3 days. personally I find this unrespectable and feel sorrow for the elderly and the vulnerable where I fit in. I am waiting for my 3rd operation for my back - yet what is stopping me is that I am to young and also smoke. The cut backs have put the elderly before us and sad as it is! I just have to accept this is what is happening through out the Country. Worse is to come I am sure come 2015. Yet I really agree with you lock stock and barrel. I am on so much medication the last injection and operation I had in 2008, 11 days later I went into cardiac arrest - not that I recall any of it. Yet am now learning to live with 24/7 pain. I doubt this is of much comfort to you yet at least you know your not on your own. Care and Best Wishes.


Hello EmJane,

I feel the exact same, running around in circles after GP's and pain clinic, who I see about once a year! My life consists of OT appointments, physio appointments, crying in pain, taking tablets .. Oh the list goes on. I'm 23 years old and feel about 83 :(

C x


So why should the young be higher in the entitlement ratings for care?

Just wondering!


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