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Change ?????????????????????????????????

Why was the site changed it was fine the way it was .

one min I can't get I and the next it will

why fix what is not broken peeps

every one seems to be doing the same changing the layout of there sites

well bloody well leave them alone we get use to things and then BANG change

we have enough change in are life without are life saver changing

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I agree, do not like this site now.


I think I was far easier to navigate before


Hello Jessam,

Please do read the 'pinned' posts in blue on the right hand side as people have been using the information & saying it helped them a little

Hope it helps you too



I agree, I never receive any notifications and I rely on them to keep me going!


Hello Lucyw,

The notifications will be back, HU informed us in a post they will be off for a while due to the launch.

They should be back soon :)



Mdaisy - I understand others concerns yet to be honest "Without Change! There is No progress" I just have to learn your new system and become use to it. Does anyone recall the 1st Nokia mobile phone with the game snakes on it? Just letting others who are frustrated try and realise the changes are only to improve the site for all to use.

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Hello Kathlaidlaw,

I understand your views and many members felt this way when they first saw the new site. However, since then members have used it regularly and have read the 'pinned' posts to help navigate the site, it has become easier. Change & update happens on all websites and we all adapt and here are still a few teething problems that HealthUnlocked are sorting out. There are a few things that haven't changed!

We still have the same volunteers with cheerful antics to make you smile! They can help you to get used to the site and then you can help the next person in our community and so on. We still here to share our experiences of Fibro and to provide information & support.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you are unsure about something




If anyone wishes to contact HU to relay any feedback please email:

Many Thanks



According to HU they had to change the forums as the membership of sites was growing so rapidly so they had to make changes to be able to accommodate the sites growing bigger ..... Actually not much has changed and if it had gone through smoothly most of us wouldn't have noticed ... But unfortunately the best laid plans never run smoothly and the change over happened as badly as it could .. Hopefully once emails are up and running and the site is stable you will find it as easy to navigate as I do.... Well as long as I am logged in for ... Yes I keep getting logged out too :)


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