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Change of name


Hi everyone, I am thinking of changing my name on my posts, because it's my name and not "anonymous " I don't feel comfortable posting. What do people think of kittenisis or shadowisis. I would like to point out that Shadow and Isis are my cats. Even KITTENSHADOW, if you have any ideas please feel free to let me know and I might even choose one of them.

Sorry if this post is not allowed I don't wish to offend anyone with name change.

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If you do that anyone that reads this can make the connection if they were so inclined. I suggest none of those names :)

However, not having your real name on here has a distinct advantage.. If you wanted to ask some thing 'personal' I for one wouldn't want it under my own name I don't know whether you are the same? I wouldn't have given so much info about myself had I known people could link the things that happened to me to I'm quite a private person

If anyone has any cool names maybe PM them to her


Yes, I definitely think that it's better to have a nickname which doesn't connect you personally to any on lookers. I have no imagination so no ideas :-(

Neither do I, so unless I find some inspiration look out for the worst name even lol.


Err i hope i dont get a slap for this.

How about Thecatlady or catwoman?

Then we could talk one of the Gents into becoming Batman. :P :O

rosewine in reply to Hidden

Wonder who could play The Joker?

Seriously I think you are wise in changing your name Elena. I always worry about the privacy for people who use their own name especially if they put a current picture of themselves up and perhaps forget to lock their posts to The Community which means someone on Facebook could easily pick up on what was being posted.

I certainly would not have revealed certain things about my own personal experiences when trying to help people if I was going under my own name.

My choice of Rosewine was quite explanatory as my favourite wine is Rose coloured so mine was a simple choice. I adore some peoples choice of names they make me smile every time I see them. Good luck with chosing a new one.x


You love Cats, so why not PURRfect :) xx

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Nice one :)

Hidden in reply to Hidden

:) xx

I do like the names that you have suggested? However, as the others have said you may want to chose something whereby you cannot b connected to? Good luck with finding a new username.

All my hopes and dreams for you


I am loving the creativity I have stirred

I changed mine as mine was my real nick name... Feel a little more free to post now 😂😂😂

Although if anyone i knw read my posts they would know its mee form 100 miles off esp my injury one 😂😱

I'd stay away from anything with Isis at the end in case someone misinterprets it.



I chose mine as I was tired a lot at the time so it seemed apt, one of our administrators thinks I should change it to smilealot it is tempting :)

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