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Can I Have My Old Body Back, I Promise To Look After It!

Hi all,

Today was going well....until I came downstairs lol. I don't want to be upstairs permanently so always try my best. Been in pain all day went for a lie down about 4:15 for an hour or just over. It was lovely. However as soon as I was helped out of bed, all my nerve tingling started up again :( and joy of joys trying to come downstairs was fab because my legs went stiff and they started aching, and the muscles were like "nah your not going downstairs". Anyway I won lol. Haha. Still in pain now but just had my meds for teatime so fingers crossed they kick in soon, although what relief I'll get is anyone's guess. Oh well got to be grateful for what I have. I'd just love to have my old body back! Hope everyone else has had a good day and pain free or been in less pain. Gentle fibro hugs to you all. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi Babebabista,

So glad you managed to get down and hope you have a good day as well. If we all had your positive out look there would be no problems LOL xgins


Hello Babebatista,

You have probably have called your post the most used sentence by people living with Fibro. I often think about my healthy body but as you say you have to look toward the future, try to be positive, get some support and try to be proactive about living with Fibro.

I know how hard it can be, after 2 years in bed myself and I know the emotions we go through, all of which are perfectly normally. However, I mean trying to be positive/ proactive to get the treatments & help we need to live with Fibro and the support you need too (Fibro Support Groups, CBT, communities like this or whatever helps)

FibroAction is about being informed about Fibro, knowing about Fibro, evidence based treatments, complementary therapies, research etc. So we can inform you and you can consider showing or speaking to your HealthCare Professional/s about the information from our website and asking/discussing the treatment options.

So glad you got down stairs, albeit a bit of a struggle. It is one achievement and is something you can aim for to do most days if you can until you feel able to do a bit more, and so on. That's how I started, with a physio cycle by the bed sitting on it cycling, then more bed exercises, then into a chair ....leading on to going downstairs and outside in a wheelchair. Now when not in a flare can manage sometimes without a stick or crutches and sometimes not too.

Keep thinking that a A women is like a Teabag, you don't know how strong they are until in hot water' . Try to be a strong cuppa !!

Best Wishes

Emma :)


Love that saying about the tea bag Emma :-). And the both of you are so positive.


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