plz help me - How do you get all these medications?

how do u all get these tablets , i ask my doctor and they say there is nothing else they can give me , except co-codamol30/500 and 4 differant antidepresstion tablets , plz can someone tell me where i'm going wrong , i have had fibro for 10 years , just get told nothing more we can do to help, plz can someone help me

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  • Hi Manfa, What are the 4 antidepresstion tablets you are being offerd ???

  • ask for a refferal for pain management, keep a daily diary of your pain, demand your care rights and if you have sever mobility problems get in touch with dwp for help. No tablets shift this pain, i used dyhydrocodiene but i cant get these painkillers in wales???? so unfortunatley you have to take it by the hand and control it. :( ask for help with a physio .... some people find this good help.

  • I take tramadol and find it best but take dehydrocodiene as an alternative some months. I'm in Wales so you've been given wrong info.hope this helps you get them again

  • Pain clinics can be helpful if you get a good one. They have given up on pain killers for me now so i am stuck with nothing not even atidepressant type stuff other than just for the depression. I have great help from my rhumatologist who is a specialist in Fibro but he is in london so depends on where you are as to what is on offer.

    gentle hugs

  • Estergizmo - I'm in North Wales and have no probs whatsoever in getting Di-hydrocodeine scripted.... ask again - with force lol

  • thank you , will do!

  • Lynn Thanks for that i am not coping, just getting more confused and low will take you advise myself thank you x

  • Best of luck everyone.

    The 'Becoming an Expert Patient' articles on the FibroAction website are a few years old but may still be helpful:

    The NHS Choices info on Fibro is really helpful when talking to GPs. FibroAction have worked with them to get that info updated for 3 1/2 years now and it's not too bad at all.

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