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How do you get anyone to take you seriously?

I think I was going mad, I have endless blood tests, had a Ct scan to be informed I do not have a brain tumour, therefore must be stressed. No-one takes y symptoms seriously and yes I am stressed because the medical profession are short sighted and will not listen.

They won't treat my "stress" despite being diagnosed with it for a long time (they claim that is what causes my endless symptoms).

How do I get someone to take me seriously! The physio says she doesn't think it i stress, but has referred me for a stress clinic!!! I only got a physio because I shouted last time I went to the doctors!

Again i am off to see another neuro who will tell me there is nothing neurologically wrong with me, so the GP will continue to ignore me. I cannot go on like this for much longer. I am lucky of I know where I am let alone who I am, and the pain..

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I am sorry you are so frustrated with trying to get the right help. I was similar to you all my tests and scans came back clear. One neurologist told me it was hemiplegic migraine which was rubbish. After over a year of still getting worse I asked my GP, who is fantastic, if I could have another referral to a neurologist and he agreed to this. When I saw him he listened to me for ages and then he examined me and said that I have functional neurological disorder and he told me tolook at the website I drove home thinking that I have never even heard of this and all I get is a website. When I looked at it I was amazed as it included all my symptoms and an explanation about what it was. I dont know if this will help you at all but Im sure you have nothing to loose by having a look. Wishing you well Sue x


Insist that your GP refers you to a Rhumatologist at your hospital. It may take 3 months of tests to rule out everything else such as gout and the like, but a good Rhumatologist will diagnose Fibromyalgia once everything else has been ruled out. For now just remember, you are NOT mad/stressed/whatever and you are NOT alone!! Try and keep smiling and have a big virtual (but soft) hug!!! :)


stress only makes all our symptoms worse sweetie so what i did was tried a relaxation cd and it is lovely , i sooo look forward to that little stress free time and ive fallen asleep during listening and had such refreshing sleeps . Hope you get something sorted soon X


Take a deep breadth and then slowly release all that tension. I went through all he tests scans, I was prodded and x rayed from all angles. Nothing showed the MRI scan showed my collapsing vertabrae but nothing else- Dont worry we are all in same boat the pain is horrid debillatitng but on here we are all the same and compasion and understanding rule. xgins


You just have to have the patience to keep persevering with the medical profession, nowadays they seem so scared of making a diagnosis without the blood tests and scans to back them up; and Fibro is diagnosed by elimination - the poor dears can't cope with this.

Perhaps you could get a referal to a different specialist in a different hospital - ask your GP to ask his practice manager to do a search for specialists with an interest in Fibromyalgia, maybe put the request and your concerns in a letter if you feel unable to explain what you are asking face to face.

I know it is difficult to keep on when you feel no one is listening properly ... but GP's are paid a very good wage to listen.

Have you thought about taking someone with you when you see the doctor - I have no idea why but I always seem to be taken more seriously when I have a friend or relative who is reaffirming what I say.

Be strong - ((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx


I came right out with what I thought was wrong with me to my GP. I asked her if she thought my symptoms sounded like Fibromyalgia. She initially signed me off sick as I became too ill to work and then after a few months of not getting any better, she referred me to a Rheumatologist who diagnosed me officially.

I know it's hard but sometimes we have to be really assertive to get anything done. Not all GP's are good listeners like mine is, so I know this could be a stumbling block for many. Never give up though, if you aren't satisfied with what you are told ask for a second opinion, you are entitled to that. See another Doctor, ask to be referred, keep trying. Take your partner (if you have one or a good friend or family member) who can back up what you are saying.

Wishing everyone the best of luck, I know it isn't easy.


Thank you all for your wonderful support. I agree with the meditation and lead quite a spiritual life so i know the power of five minutes of meditation and use it quite well at work. Also my employer is "mindful" and we can have free counselling for as much and as long as we need and when we need it (How lucky). The counsellor doesn't believe it is stress. The main problem I have is that my husband has early onset dementia (complicated) so doctors just can't seem to see where he ends and I start. I have been told in no uncertain terms i do not have dementia. Drrr. I know, I know what dementia is and its effects, in fact my children could possibly tell some of the doctors more.

Usually my husband comes to the doctors with me and he won't say anything and if I am honest can't really remember. It just all ends up being about him and this has been going on now since I was about 11/12. It's just things are getting much worse. I also recognise the symptoms in my youngest daughter.

I am going to see yet another neurologist, I will take my list of symptoms. The physio said it would be better that the neurologist dismisses other things such as MS and Parkinsons and then we can move forward. The physio was really good. She said that if we go down the stress route they should at least have to treat it!!!

At least for now work is sympathetic but for how long, then we are in trouble as my husband cannot work, but until then I will continue...


it is possible you have fibro and other stuff, eg POTS, HEDS or something else.

Could you try taking vitamin D3 tablets or a low dose antidepressant (for the pain) to see if it helps?

PALS is another option you could write to, you have a right to a 2nd opinion since fibro is physical rather than mental. As someone who is struggling to get the right mental health diagnosis i empathise with your situation.


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