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cold and snow

i always found that i get worse when cold, and when it snow there is not a part in body that does not hurt, being cold usually brings on a flare, where no treatment helps, i had fb for 18 years and it was finally dig 11yr ago, the only help i have is from gp who does understand and does his best to help, the rhem doctor has told me to learn to live with it which sometimes i find so hard,the pain is always with me and has charged my life so much i wish something could take it away and i have my life back!

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I agree, I don't know what my life would be like without fibromyalgia but I wish I could experience. I wish I could experience being a proper student, going out drinking etc.

But on a positive note, I know I wouldn't be the person I am today without it. I feel I am alot more motivated, driven, caring, kind because of my fibromyalgia. I can appreciate what others go through in their life.


this is great advice at the mo i am sooooo much pain it is just not fair on top of fybro i am bieng told i could have myofacial sydrome and also ME on top of this i have atherrits in my hands it is so bad that i cant even peel a potato i laugh about that one cause if i dont laugh i will seriously cry and have done on a number of times it so frustrating that even something a little as cuddle can hurt on most days :( i am only 19 in 13 days but sometimes feel so much older i have this since the age of twelve but as soon as i hit my middle teens it just got so mush worse and now i just cant do anything to help it :(


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