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D-Day is here imminent ATOS assessment

Well we've all been there so many times and cried too at the DWP denial and every time hoped the next one would be favourable as the appeal process is so harsh with reduced benefits when we don't have enough to live off to start off with and the feelings of life is nearly over and wow the DWP have just helped to increase my pain meds as they've made my health worse!!!! whoa stop take a breath....

Well here I am again with my hubby waiting.....

gosh as if that's not stressing enough!

Plus don't forget the man hours it takes to prepare for these things... hang on I'm not fit for work but yet had to play admin role to gather all 792 (jesting) hospital letters, appointment letters, names of docs/consultants and then.... oh my! all the equipment tool that I use to help me move, eat bathe blah! Blah! BLAH!

So why is it like preparing for an exam, well coz it just is and I find myself sayng "well if we're not ready now we never will be"

Not that it matters coz all we ever get is a big fat F go take a resit.... I mean appeal

Rant over


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Aww Zeb I wish you all the luck ... I did not prepare anything for last week.. just had my meds down stairs and sticks by my side.. i told her that i could not do the movements she want me to do due to too much pain... I had my carer with me and my close friend who coberated all that i said, what more can we do... just take a deep breath have a cuppa you will be ok xxx let us know how it went.x


Hiya, I,m about 6 weeks behind you, got my form almost filled out, will send back a week before due, then sit and wait for assessment. I've said before, I got a ground level place (walk in) as I couldnt get down the stairs in event of a fire. Had a panic attack infront of the receptionist as couldnt deal with 1and half hour wait, bursst into tears infront of doc, ended up not having any sort of medical just questions, did take hubby who is now well versed in these ATOS thingys. He held the file, cos too heavy for me and handed over docs, cos too heavy for me to handle. You gotta remember, this assessment should be for a BAD DAY not a good or middling one, and most of us have more bad days than good. They automatically assume everyone says its bad and not that some of us are honest, so go for a BAD DAY symptoms, lay it on thick, do the best theatrical performance of your life, didn't you always want to be a acttress????? and go for it. We are all behind you, fingers crossed x


If a good day I go in a taxi by time I'm there and waiting I'm on a bad day. If a bad day I phone and tell them they will have to re schedule or home visit as a bad day , it annoys them but then when I do see them I can use that example of a good day v bad day , how they are unpredictable, what employer will keep you employed that will have you only on good days few and far between . Any way good luck , just be you and anything you can do remember and state to atos if this you can do today , tomorrow it may be limited to this......... And show them . Let us know how it goes for you and if any changes to assessment from previous . And remember big deep breaths xxxx


thankyou all v much

i'm really starting to feel uneasy and they're coming to the house where I should be feeling safe and secure.

keep you posted big hugs



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