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I'm sooo stressed and worried about this form! I have to return it by 18th July and I get a real huge knot in my stomach when I think about it. The lady who usually helps me is on annual leave and I haven't been informed of anyone else who can help me, as yet. Should I fill the form in myself? I mean have a family member or friend fill it in? Should I wait a bit longer? I'm scared I won't complete the form in enough detail........XXX

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  • Evening Sue. I dont recognise this one, What does LCM stand for, might be able to help or find someone who can. Take a few deep breaths, we'll see what we can do. Tulip xx

  • Hi, LCM here, the time is critical, get a friend or family member to help you fill the Limited Capacity to Work form in, you can still sign it. Holding a pen for that length of time is usually not possible. There is a link on this website to help you i am sure someone will give you it. Do try to take a copy of the form after you've filled it in, and I try to go through the questions first on some paper jotting down some pointers for answers whllst the brain is working. Do a bit at a time rather than rush it, there are descriptors (how they score each question) again the website should help. But dont panic, do it in stages and you will get there. Lynn x

  • Oh thanks guys! You're right, I'd never be able to hold a pen for the length of time needed to complete the form. Tulips - LCW is Limited Capability for Work. XXX

  • Nobody to help me at all, I have tried and tried. I have managed to complete the form myself, of a fashion, I just hope they can understand my scrawling!! I think I've included everything they want, although I did have to open and reseal the envelope cos I forgot something. Just sit and wait now. But thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and adviceXXXX

  • Do use the interactive form if u can, I still had to do it in stages but easier than writing and at least it is legible, also you can save it to your computer which saves having to copy it. Just make sure you remember to sign it when you print it out or they will send it back xx

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