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Hi everyone, i've received a letter from HM Courts & Tribunal Services in regards to my application for DLA and would just like other people's opinion about if I should fill in the form and say i'm going to attend in person or should I just let it go a head without me there. Really don't know what to do, plus it says about taking a representative with me but I have no idea who that could be!! Any help would be fantastic xx

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  • if you can, I'd say go.


  • Have a look at pondminstrel question yesterday and get in touch given me some vital information and possibly could help you ITS SPREAD THE WORD you will see it.

    Good luck

    Merlinmac xx

  • have you got the benefits& work guides from admin?

  • thank you will have a look at their website, no sandra I had guides off them regarding applying for DLA but don't think I ever received anything else xx

  • hi hunni if you message me on here, i will give you some fantastic info,i cant give you the link on here,as admin wont allow but i have asked them and they said anyone can message me on here, in a private message...please just contact me...i have been fighting for three years,and just about giving in as i kept getting refused even tho i knew i was entitled,it took over my life as im sure it does for everyone who is fighting this flipping thing! i was going to tribunal AGAIN!! and i saw this on the internet and i rang to ask for help and information it was an answer phone but ,they rang back at 9 the next morn...i am not kiding this was friday last,i sent my court tribunal form to him,signed..and he said. that i would recieve another form from him to just sign,that would allow him to work on my behalf etc...i returned them to him,which by this time it still was only tues, morn he rang me at 9.30 to say that the DWP had looked again and that their decission was going to overturned...and i was awarded HRM and HRC!!!!...I am not saying the outcome will be that quick for every single person,this is just what happened to me...i told him that all the times i had been knocked back just shows that they were in the WRONG!!! anyway pet if you want just message me xxxxx yipeee im that happy i could bust my buttons!! xx

  • hi pondminstret can you email me with any info I Have SLE. DL. Sunsensitvity. Reynulds. Sorgjens. Osteoporosis. mild ibs. and have just been diagnosed with Fibro Have been put in the wrag group just before my Fibro diagnosis Live alone so cant depend on anyone so just have to muddle through on the times my brain will let me Have had a couple of panic attacks recently.need to get it together.

  • Go , I did . They prefer to see the person and it shows then joe u really are . I took a friend .

  • My advice would be go Hun as I thought same wasn't sure if to go or not I'm gonna go to mine with support seeing u as the real you and with u talking about your self and life how it is for you living with fibro gives them a better insight of what you go through daily if you don't easier decision for them haven't met you so will decide on what they think hope goes well for you all the best for yours I'm routen for ya my mum and social work think I've got a good chance of winning if so will be one less thing to worry about for 2 yrs until next time gentle hugs x

  • Hi, I was in the same position myself. I applied for ESA, and was turned down. Then it went to an appeal, and then to a tribunal!! I decided not to go, and lost my case. I am now appealing again, and am getting some new evidence together. I also applied for DLA, and was turned down for that as well. So I have decided to go to my DLA tribunal this time, I think it is my best chance for getting a good result. There are a couple of things I have done which you might like to try. I have contacted my m.p. for support. Also I have registered as disabled through my local council's health and community services department. I thought this may count in my favour when claiming benefits. Good luck, whatever you decide to do. xx

  • Thank you everyone for all your comments, can't say i'm looking forward to it but think i'll attend the tribunal, I haven't got a date yet but they have said i'm looking at between 14-18 weeks before I get my tribunal date xx

  • If your still having problems please private message me ... very willing to offer help where possible

    Liam Carter

    Senior Case Manager

    My Benefit Claim

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