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My burning ribs are driving me insane, how can help relieve it?

This seems to me getting more frequent, I keep having episode of extremely painful ribs, they are so painful it hurts me to breathe. I'm taking all my meds, my naproxine does seem to take the edge off it. I keep rolling from side to side. It's getting to the point that its making me cry.

I did look it up and it is a part of having fibromyalgia, apparantly its inflammation of the cartlidge between my ribs. I just want to know if anyone can advise me of relief. Becky

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Yup sounds like chostochondritis ... I have it permenantly 24/7 cant stand to wear a bra be hugged etc.... When it gets really bad I take to the settee with hot packs and rest as much as possible obviously the more we breathe the worse it gets so I just do as little as possible till it is manageable

VG x


I've never heard of chostochondritis!! I suffer with burning pain in my rib cage and have done for last 20yrs or so I've been told its Neuropathic pain and at one point in my life I may have had a mild dose of shingles and this is the after effect!! I'm under the Pain Clinic for my treatment! I've tried taking pregabalin but I doesn't help and gives me bad side effects, I suffer like you VG with side effects to all medication!! Love Aisha x


Yup that's what chostochondritis is inflammation of the cartilidge that holds the ribs in place ... It gets so bad it can feel like a heart attack... This was the first thing I was diagnosed with with fibro its horrendous .... I really feel for you as it spreads across the whole ribs and then you can't bear them to be touched they are so sore......

When I was younger It wasnt as bad and I had good patches inbetween now its just permenant ...


Thanku guys x


Hi guys I'm so pleased to hear that other people suffer burning ribs. I've had this for years and also pressure points on my ribs. Just unbearable to touch especially hard to turn in bed but what is a bit worrying now is I have ibs all the time anybody got any suggestions what food or meds are good for this?? Thanx


i use peat heat wraps you heat in microwave its just a gentle heat ,


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