Well did you ever!

Nothing surprising I wrote a e-maIL TO SOMEONE then thinking I had deleted it I did the obvious thing I wrote another one.

Then I found the first had gone so I wrote a third explaining that I had lost my marbles.

. Now I feel so stupid I am cross and sad with myself. Such a nonsensical thing to do - and no it couldn' happen to anyone it is always happening to this one. More and more the ridiculous things keep happening to me. It makes me excessively weary and rather sad. Why cannot it happen to some one else. I think I am going to bump up my B1 levels and see if that helps. It may of course be the medicines I am on and everything else (there will be a reason)

I am just of now to write this again in case I loose it. xgins

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  • But who was the email too.... If it was a friend think of it as how nice it would be to get lots of emails off a friend ... If it was to somebody official ... Print out all three and then when you have to fill in forms for DLA PIP etc put these in explaining this is what you do ..... No employer wants someone who can't remember what they have done ..... I spent all yesterday convinced it was Thursday DESPITE it being my OH s day off... Which is always Friday ....

    So save these litttle nuggets for when the 100th birthday

    Card from the queen is replaced by a fitness to work test

    Yours not sure if I am being clever or cynical

    VG x the confused :)

  • Okay but dont you think I appear Bonkers? I feel bonkers this morning I like the fitness to work at 100 brilliant can we have a test to encourage OH to use his legs.

    yours crabbie gins

  • so where do we stand on B1 are we going with it or waiting for confirmation it is good for us

  • Personally after picking up a very well know brand of multi vitamin tablets a through to z and then I read the ingredients. Phenylalanine ... Aspartame. And other .. Not specified artificial sweetners... I thought why bother so my oh went out and came home with another bottle of multivitamins been taking them for a week and my IBS has reared up examined bottle really closely and yup there were all the artificial ingredients AGAIN..... Why put these things in vitamins.... So unless you can find B1 without all the nasty additives I wouldn't waste my money as my OH £8 has gone down the drain ..... Literally...

    VG x

  • Hi grumpy, does the word phenylalanine come under another name only the multi Vit I take doesn't say either of what u have said in the ingredients, can't say the name on here can I ...Dee xx

  • If you have found some multi vitamins that don't have artificial sweetners aspartame phenylalanine I would love to know which ones as long as you are not promoting them for your own gain or anyone else's gain on the forum sharing names of products is not banned all we would recommend is people check out they can take them with their meds.

    Waiting with anticipation as I am not a supplement junkie but a multi vitamin as long as it doesn't interact with my meds is a useful thing to take ..

    VG x

  • Hi there grumpy I have re read the ingredients and still cannot see any of the words you have mentioned, they are "Centrum advance 50+" as im 72,.. dont know what age you are but they do them for under that age too lol .....Dee x

  • Well knock me down with a hatstand ... I had the same brand but not 50 + as I am not there yet but if they don't have any artificial sweetners in them I will check them out and check I can take them with the few meds I am on .. I am OCD in shops about them as they do not react well with my IBS ... My family hate shopping with me as I read ingredients .. Well its for their benefit too We only have one toilet :) ...

    Thanks for that

    VG x

  • do read the label grumpy to make sure im right,but I cant see the names u say, unless they are going under another name, I really hope im right, plzz let me know how you get on Dee xx good luck

  • Hi VG, had a check with the ones I use - Holland & Barrett ABC plus - and can't see them listed. There are a couple of sweeteners but they seem to be plant derivatives. I've used them for some time without noticing IBS problems. Mind you, there seem to be about 2000 ingredients listed so can't be entirely sure I've not missed something. x

  • brewer's yeast tablets might suit but look it up on boots site webmd.com as there are interactions with some med's.

    as always, check with your pharmacist.

    sandra :)


  • Thanks San ... I don't know if taking anything will help but I thought a multi vitamin wouldn't hurt as I don't seem to be lacking in anything essential like vit d... B 12 or iron so will check boots and the health shop again on Monday for something with no artificial sweetners .

    VG x

  • I will look at brewers yeast anything that stops me being totally splattered with exhaustion. Yesterday was a bad day back and legs decided to be ridiculous, numb and feeling like they belonged to someone else (if only)

    That is why B1 looked so positive get me moving -



  • Don't worry to much about it, all my friends know i very forgetful like this and often send emails and txts to the wrong friend, or twice, they just laugh and send me one back, I don't need to explain anymore i just get "you got fibro fog today LOL" back. So just explain and if they're decent they will understand.

  • Hi, Gins,

    I do stuff like this all the time. If you have read my posts on here you know that I write way too much. That's why I have to curtail myself. Well, recently I have had an ongoing difficulty with my housing association. I was trying to write a detailed email to a higher manager about the lack of attention to something important by people lower down the ladder. He had already replied to something. This was my answer back. I wrote this long email in drafts on my googlemail, was checking and re-checking facts and taking out all the stuff that I probably shouldn't say because it would only get his dander up (if you know what I mean). Well, guess what? I was editing it and trying to cut it down, and instead of doing whatever I intended to do, I managed to hit something that sent it to him!! It was like about 4x longer than it would have been if I'd used proper restraint and not gone on a big droning whine with a lot of rhetoric and uppity comments.

    So, I was really disgusted with myself. I wrote another email apologizing and saying what had happened. It didn't go well. I think I now have a 'repupation' of being a nutter that they don't want to deal with and are just going to fob off. After half of a year, the problem with the repairs is still not dealt with and they still don't give me any answers. So.... there you go. I now try my best to remember to write stuff in a word programme and save it and when I'm absolutely sure it is cut down to some kind of responsible length and doesn't say anything too radical, I copy paste it, wait a few hours or a day, go back and read again, then send it.

    We don't need this, do we??? I'm fed up of having to deal with all the silly stuff my body and brain decide to do. But what's the alternative? Gotta work around it until we fall off the perch.

    Smiles! Best of everything to you, and hugs

  • Don't worry, we all get this I suspect, scary, but understandable,

    Hugs Cazx

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