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benefit advice please X

Hi all can anyone help is there any other benefit like jobseekers that we could claim because reading about e s a just sounds to scary and stress, I got the question leaflet to fill in but I no I am not as bad as that so don't no what to do, I in pain and always tired and down but my mobility is ok at moment so maybe not bad enough for e s a, HELP Xx

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there is a good blog oh helpful advice here


hope it helps,



Thanks Sandra for your help will check it out.


You may like to look up DIAL for benefit advice in your area

Hope this helps



Thanks Gigi will do.


Hi there,I think that if your in pain all the time,are tired and have difficulties with the normal day to day activities then how can you be expected to work?If your condition varies and you have days when you can't get out much then you can't be expected to work.I have days where I can get out although I suffer when I get home and the next day and days where Iam stuck in bed.I know that unless my condition improves to the point where I mostly have good days then I can't work.If you have mostly good days and could cope with the demands of work then you can work.But having constant pain and fatigue will make it extremely hard to work.Dont be scared of applying for a benefit that you have a right to apply for,if you are unwell as you say you are but your mobility is not to bad it dosent necessarily mean that you can work.However it would be a good idea to get some advice first,and either dial or the cab are good starting places x


Hi thanks yes I do struggle with things, I do suffer a lot the day or so after I been out, with pain stiffness fatigue, I know I would struggle with the demands of working so I think you are right, I have noticed when I am walking I seem to be all over the plaqce at times, a bit weird like swaying thanks for your reply X


You are welcome!If you sway when you walk then you do have mobility problems.Hope you don't find it to stressful applying for the benefits you need x


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