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Oh Joy!!!!! The ATOS form yet again!!!!

Well its that time of year, yes the old ATOS envelope has arrived. Do you know I now have a complete expandable file just dedicated to Incapacity Benefit/ESA. So now we have a 3 week exercise in reading last years Limited Capacity for work and transferring the info plus updating it as well, copying it, then waiting for them to either say I'm fit for some sort of work or calling for medical interview. Then waiting again to contest and appeal. Well thats the next 3 months written off and my stress levels through the roof.

I appreciate there are people getting benefit that shouldn't but if you've had this for the last 10 years do they really think you are miraculously going to get better all of sudden sos you can go back to work. Cant they send us a form saying 'has your condition improved and do you want to go back into some sort of work?' You could send it back saying no, it has worsened and if they could find me a job with flexihours between 1am and 5am for 30 minutes a time I may consider going back to work.

Talking of the ATOS interview, I actually read the call to interview letter. Interestingly it stated that in Luton there were 175 stairs down to the ground floor and in the event of a fire I should be able to get down all those in a timely manner. Well my husband, who was coming with me has had a hip replacement and I can only do a floor at a time with a rest inbetween, therefore causing us to be a fire risk. When I rang ATOS I was offered 6 yes 6 other ATOS places to go, ranging from Nottinghamshire, out to Wales and down to the South Coast. I'd like to see the process my mileage/petrol claim to wales from bedfordshire, but that'd blow their computers! Eventually due to being unable to climb or descend safely from stairs, I took Milton Keynes as it was a walk in, with disabled parking straight outside. on the last interview, I threw a wobbly when they couldn't tell me how long I'd have to wait , but it was known to be over an hour, having gotten stressed I then got really agitated and burst into tears. I was allowed to go away for coffee and a calm down with a call from the Receptionist 15 mins before my interview. Amazing, wonder if I can swing that this time!!!!

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I'm on my second year now on ESA after being on incapacity benefit and I am now £54 a fortnight worse off :'(


OMG financial suicide!!!! Am getting £110 per week in the support group, any less would cause severe problems. x


it is a un funny joke so I am going to be in debt now as most of my money went on bills and kid's school bits. as they say people can't have what I ante got :'(


Ireally feel for you. Have been in serious debt and its no joke. Stressed to the max. Can you get any help with the school bits you need? I don't have a credit card any more and this is a godsend now, you cant spend what you dont have. However am now so frugal I'm almost scrouge!!!! x


I have never really looked into getting help with the school things, all my bills where worked around my money I got on incapacity as even though it was ment to come in on a Tuesday it would go into my bank on the Monday andvthen when it change to Wednesday I got it on the Tuesday but then it went to going in on a wenesday in a short space of time but my bills where still going out on the days I had arranged to coinside with my payments and that is whenni started getting money problems as getting charges ect. now my money has gone down I can only see it getting worse :'(


Without wishing to be nosey why did your money go down?? Are you paid monthly or fortnightly. I opted for fortnightly because its easier to manage for just two weeks at a time, and there are times when I only have less than £1 in my purse. I do operate a separate account for household bills etc and have the bank deduct a set amount out of each DWP payment into the household account. That way what is left is for me and food and if any left for little treats (not that that happens all that often). I also arranged for council tax to be paid by 12 months and not 10 as they prefer, they can do it and why should they have my money when I need it. The two months free gets swallowed up and you dont end up getting to do anything with it; So I pay slightly less each month but for 12. Worth doing. Although it took me a long time I did sort out my gas and electric and my bills came down bt £45 a month. I wont let anyone put any direct debits up without me challenging them. Wiped out mentally after but worth it. Do a utility at a time. /although physically demanding I also cook all our meals from scratch, its much cheaper than ready meals. Our slow cooker gets used a lot and I freeze whats left for the days when I cant cook. As I dont seem to be able to tolerate a lot of flour based products, gave up bread mostly and eat Ryvita for lunch, lashings of butter (need the calcium or so I tell myself). We do eat a lot of mince based meals cos they are cheap but we eat healthily. Please rearrange your bills to come out when you want them to and not when the companies want them to. I am sure there are much more qualified people within the forum that me who can also offer some sort of advice if you want it. Ask and most people will respond, because we do care about all of us Fibros.

sending you hugs xx


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