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Oh here we go again, interview with Atos to see if i am able to work, this could be interesting as they ill health retired me from R Mail, if they send me back to work i can see a nice court case going on. You cannot lose me my job cos im too ill to work they tell me to find another job, good job I have kept every scrap of paperwork.

If they try and send me back to work, will be asking for compensation for the loss of my job, pay, overtime, seniority, pension!

Finger Crossed!!!

Terri xxxx

Love and pain free day to all x

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  • Good luck, for your interview, hope it all goes well, keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you xx

  • Bless you and thank you x

  • Hey Terris, gentle hugs.

    Good luck! If they do send you back to work - then I pity the fools! :-D


    Carol xx

  • If you have been let go by your previous employer R Mail on health grounds in other words they have given you ill health retirement then if i not wrong are you not still getting a salary from R Mail.

    I thought if a company retires you on ill health then you receive a salary to retirement age. If your let go from your job on ill health grounds you are not allowed to work in another job of any sort as you have been retired by your employer on ill health grounds.

    i also thought that if you retired on ill health grounds because you would be receiving a salary from your employer that you would not be entitled to claim benefit for been ill as you were let go on ill health grounds retirement.

  • good luck x

  • Not sure about that josie, my dad was medically retired from Royal Mail aged 54 and he did receive a small amount of compensation, but that was because of a work related injury . He didn't receive salary . Maybe it depends on your contract ?


  • Good luck Terris , I hope it goes well for you.


  • Good luck

    Soft hugs xxx


  • Atos retired me on il health grounds for and on behalf of RMail, which is the health care company which they use for sickness and so on,

  • Good luck Terris, hope you get the result you deserve, if not prepare to fight. xx

    got my Atos "medical" today, after the last shambolic episode not got my hopes too high and if it's the same doc i shall refuse to see him as i complained about him last time. he watched me crawl across the floor and struggle to get up using a chair, i was so upset and humiliated then he offhandedly said"oh can't you get up i should have helped you", then scored me nil points on can get up unaided....was slightly incandescent i can tell you.

    Good luck and take care

    Jan H xx

  • that is appalling :-( it reminds me of the medieval justice of the dunking of witches - if they survived they were guilty and penalised further; if they drowned, they were innocent.

    have got my Atos medical next week. am feeling nauseous at the thought.

  • hI Sammicat15...oh my..exactly, got it in one, a very good analogy.Will tuck that one away got future use...and it made me chuckle which is a bonus so thanks for that :-) xx

    Good luck with your medical is all i can say. Let us know how you get on.

    I put a post on here about mine Tues afternoon...OMG just wonder what the decision will be

    hugs and thoughts for next week

    Jan H xx.

  • thank you, sweetie x

  • I am speechless, Shortnsweet, that is blatant lies.No wonder you wouldn't see him again, neither would I. NO POINTS?? Its like they're laughing at us,isnt it. "Haha, you have to go through this ordeal for nothing because Im not giving you any points anyway, because I can". It makes you wish you'd recorded the whole thing. I wonder if the people who DO record it, have a different, more positive result, because the evidence is there

  • Hi bumblebee57, thank you so much for your comments, yes that's it exactly...no points, no points...oh did i say you're getting no points. Seems the whole "system" is so against people. See Sammicat's post above, also got it in one.

    I'm sure i read something on a blog site or somewhere about recording these medicals (just googled recording atos medicals...omg some interesting reading there!!!) and guess what??, Atos are dead against it...of course they are, it would expose them as liars for not putting on the forms what we tell them. Mine was a work of fiction.

    Well, had my medical Tues and put a post on here...briefly, i was sent home as i was in so much pain and nurse...yes nurse...panicked when she saw how high my blood pressure was. Immediately ordered a taxi...at their expense, and i was off the premesis within 5 mins. Straight to the docs.

    Soooo, i wonder what the verdict will be this time... just a minute....no points. :-{

    Hugs and take care

    Jan H xxx

  • I so hope for your sake that "nul points" is not the way it goes for you x

  • good luck terris, don't let them try to force you to do anything that is going to cause you too much pain,your the one that has to live and put up with the pain, i'm sick of these mini hitlers,didn't he put fit people in one group and sick people in another??? next they will be building camps to get rid of us for daring to be ill and in pain !

  • true enough EJ. whatever next eh?

  • good luck with your fight Terri. keep us updated xx

  • Seems as if Atos are a contradiction to themselves!!! they retire you on ill health, then wait a minute, they want to interview you to see if you're fit enough??? What goes on with these people. One of life's mysteries....how A..tos actually function.

    If they ask you to do something that will cause you pain or discomfort tell them so, and make sure they put down the reason..not "refused." Don't trust them an inch.

    Good luck and take care

    Jan H xx

  • Firstly i would like to thank everyone for their support, I know I don't login too much, but i read everyone's comments, and thank you for taking the time to do that, I know it can be quite painful, to write in or type and I respect that u have taken the time to be supportive.

    Terri xxxx

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