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I recently attended a tribunal with regards to PIP payments-at present I receive lower rate daily living, however I previously received lower rate mobility. At the tribunal I was taken in early to be told that they wanted to discuss with me the fact that if I continued with the tribunal I was at risk of losing my daily living component as I had contradicted something that was said in my written statement and this could lead to me losing points. It was suggested that I either (a) withdraw my appeal, (b) continue, with the awareness that I would lose part payment or (c) get some advice on how to complete the form while the tribunal contact my doctor for further medical advice.........HELP! I don't really know who to contact, and what exactly to ask them to do for me-they don't want me to resubmit forms so I don't understand why I need a representative. Any advice would be better than the quandary I feel I'm in at the moment xx

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  • Hi yes they have started to inform claimants if they do not think their claim, will stand up at the tribunal. Fightback who are on Facebook and also have a forum can help you with appeals and they also offer a form completions service for a small suggested donation which helps them to keep up and running as they are unfunded. They also have lots of great advice and tips about esa/dla/pip and anything to do with welfare. forum: Hope it all works out ok for you.

  • Thank you-I will contact them today, problem is if I'm not meant to resubmit the forms how will a rearranged tribunal make a different decision? I've recently been made redundant due to incapacity so the financial side and support to allow me to try and make my home life a little easier is more important than ever now x

  • Hi there

    One of our forum members appealed, and she lost one of her components that had already been awarded to her.

    I had a fall last night and smacked my head on the wall! I have a raging headache so am struggling to think who it was. Hopefully she will see your post and respond. It is a very hard decision to make.

    As Sherbert has said you need support. Sherbert has given you good advice. You could also try looking for an Advocate to help you.

    I'll try to get back to you later. Sorry feeling v queasy at the moment.

    Blue x

  • Thanks Blue, hope you recover quickly from your fall. Gentle hugs xxx

  • Thank you 😊. I only bent down to feed our kitten. I know my balance is bad, but that was just ridiculous. I'm ok apart from the cracking headache. I'm trying to pretend it's not there!

    I'll do my best to get back to you later.

    Hugs Blue x

  • Trying to help Blue Mermaid out (hope she is feeling a hit better by now) and I have a feeling it was Mayrose who had hee other component reduced when she went to appeal against a decision it is worth Personal messienging her and asking.x

  • I too have 2 kittens and feeding them at ground level has become somewhat a challenge!! It doesn't help when they are wrapped around your ankles either haha xx

  • It's even worse when it's dark and you can't see them. The amount of times I've tripped over our kitten. He dives out from places and ambushes my fluffy slippers. He's hilarious 😊 xxx

  • hi, you can get bowls that are off the ground, good luck and enjoy your kittens x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that, and I was wondering if you were aware that FMA UK have a benefit helpline? I have pasted the details for you below:

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • When my Oh went to Tribunal re Esa they decided that they had insufficient medical evidence o formulate a decision and said they did not want to make the ring one. They asked for his permission to hve access to all his doctors notes from the moment he became ill which he gave. When we went back the second time they had had chance to read through his notes and they could see that the records substantiated what we had put on his form.x

  • I would definetley seek advice of some kind before you make a decision.

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