Bogus CAB cold callers

Just seen this on the CAB website

Please as always do the relevant checks with any person who comes to the door.

Here is a booklet to help you should you need advice on what to do (I know it is by Age Concern but it is general information to be considered)

Please be safe


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  • how awful. some people are just so despicable! i hate cold callers wether it be phone or the door. i have a go and say did i ask for you to call? if not you know what you can do!!! well something like that:o

  • IfI get troublesome callers, I just say "No spikka Engliss!" it usually gets rid of 'em!

    This is truly despicable, tho' - so many vulnerable and needy people out there who are easy to cheat!


  • Lol moffy I have a no cold callers sticker on my door ... I point to it and shut the door in their faces ... I live up to my very grumpy name :)

  • My favourite thing to do over the phone they maybe start to waffle then ask me to confirm name address etc I totally refuse stating YOU PHONED ME if I wanted info and I phone you I can understand but you phoned me and I refuse to answer to be then told well then I can't speak to you.....

  • When I visit a customer I always confirm the appointment in writing, i call them on the day and carry an id dard

    Liam Carter

    Senior Case Manager

    My Benefit Claim

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