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Here's your Daily Dose of Daisy !

Here's your Daily Dose of Daisy !

Morning all,

Medications !

We are all prescribed all different types from Serotonion Selective Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRI) , Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRI), anti epileptics to anti inflammatory.

Information on the treatments for Fibro , link below;

Today what you are taking isn't my question, it is how you manage you get your prescriptions? Like my surgery do have you an email service that you use to reorder your repeat prescription and does your chemist deliver to you? Do you use the Prescription Prepayment Cert (PPC) to cut down on prescription costs or are you exempt for any reason?

PPC Link below;

Sorry to ask but all these things were mentioned to me when I was first poorly and I was not taking advantage of them. I was paying full price for all items (rather than a set amount for 3 months or a year) then struggling to get to the chemist and making my fatigue worse!

Do you relate to this?

Also if you would like to read Medications & staying in control from the Expert Patient series, please see link;

Comments welcomed about what services are available in your area to get your prescriptions?

If anyone has any other top tips to help make getting your prescriptions easier, please say?

Looking forward to reading them as always


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I always order my repeat prescriptions online, unless I am due a doctor's appointment. I then need to go to the surgery to collect it, and take it to pharmacy myself. As pharmacy is closed between 12-2pm, and well nigh impossible to park when there is a morning or evening surgery, or baby clinic taking place, timing is very important. Pharmacy only deliver to over 60's and severely disabled.

As I have had underactive thyroid for past 17 years, I am exempt from prescription charges


I am very lucky indeed - I live 200 yards from my GP, and there is an excellent pharmacy right next door. I order my regular medication online, and the prescription is dropped into the pharmacy, so all I have to do is go in and pick it up.

They will also deliver to your home if you are disabled. So far I haven't taken advantage of this service, as I can walk reasonably well.

As I am over 60 I don't have to pay for prescriptions which is a great blessing. I think that people with chronic illness should not have to pay for medicaton even if they are working. The prices are very high considering that we have all paid our 'subs' thorough National Insurance, and that the mission of the NHS was originally to be free at the point of use.

I am told that few people order their prescriptions on line - this seems a shame as it is so easy, quick and safe. I recommend this as the best way to manage.

Love Moffy x


I too am exempt from payment charges thank goodness or I literally wouldn't be able to afford my meds as they get changed so often as my body hates everything except food and drink. I phone my prescriptions in or get them from the GP as the longest he lets me go without a check up is a month and if I manage that without having to go in I am really pleased... MY OH works part time right by the GPs so he collects prescriptions as he also has a long term illness that wont get any better we have lots of meds to order and collect and he gets them made up at the chemist on his way home. The chemist right by our GP does a delivery system to anyone but as they are so popular being right by the GP they run out of meds so often we use the chemist near our house.

VG x


I also order mine online, or when I am due to see the GP. I find this way great as it tells me when I last had them as I always lost the old paper version.

It then goes over to the chemist, which is opposite the surgery. I always have a 2 week overlap, so that if I was in a flare I have enough at home. I have not asked about home delivery but may do, especially as 8 out of 10 times, my mum collects them for me.

I have a prepayment certificate as I would not be able to afford my medication.

I must say, your daily dose of Daisy is much better than the dose I had from my daughter Daisy this morning. She slammed out of the door because I didn't tell her it was 8am, lol.




oops are we taking teenage times!! lol My little girl is coming up one so have all that to come..... !


She is nearly a teenager but she is developing the traits early. Mind you she is amazing in so many different ways. She really looks after me and I have had respiratory infection the last couple of weeks and she has done most of the cooking (her choice) as I do have help and she can be so loving.

My Daisy, little Jekyll and Hyde, lol


She sounds great hun, very supportive young lady.... just tired this morning I expect don't you ? All part of growing up hey ?!!

I love the name Daisy hence my forum name

Hope you are feeling better now

Emma :)


Very interesting reading all the posts !

I'm glad more surgeries are offering an email service but strange, how only some chemists deliver to all people who have a disability and others only over 60's. Should be open to all who have trouble with mobility surely?!! The PPC saves pounds , I'll be using that again after my 2 year maternity exemption and my personal opinion is the same as yours Moffy that chronic illnesses should receive exemption too !!


Yes, my son-in-law has severe asthma, and his prescriptions cost a great deal. The GP will never give him more than one months supply, because he is so unstable, so it's a major expense.

Not so bad now he has a good income, but when he was a student he had to choose between food and medicine. Fortunately, he met my daughter, who brought him home for me to feed! I'm very happy to look after him, tho' - he's a lovely chap.

Moffy x


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