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What a day!!!

well I thought today was a good day, hip a little less painful than the past few days and headache not so severe....boy oh boy then there I am sitting in a parking space minding my own business when I was shunted forward and sideways by the 'white van man'...yep somehow he smashed into the back of my car!! So now i'm aching a bit more than usual but i'm just greatful that the 2 of my children that were with me weren't in the car at the time (although they witnessed it), and speaking to people who witnessed it even told me they couldn't believe just how calm I was no swearing or a mess, i'm still trying to work out how he hit me BUT I do know it could of been so much worse........rant over xx

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Glad your ok, a similar thing happened to me 18 months ago and I was really calm so relieved we were k and that my little grandson and daughter weren't in the car as they were to come with us but couldn't at the last minute. We exchanged details I drove home even went to work the next day after I brought the car to get the damaged assessed!

By the end of the day I was soooo sore,so take care of yourself the shock may set in tomorrow too. xx


Poor You I hope you have recovered from the shock.

I think you better have a relatively quiet saturday .

Take care xgins


Thank goodness that you and your children weren't seriously hurt - it could have been an awful tragedy! I hope that your car is soon back in order ( or replaced) and that your shock and bruising soon recovers. Well done for keeping so calm!

Moffy x


Glad u ok hun.xxc


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