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what a plonker !

fibro fog has hit again :(

we sold our car the other day ,my husband was at work when the guy came to pick it up (wasnt very happy about that )

i was absolutly bricking it lol didnt want to do anything wrong and make a wolly of myself

i thought i had done everything right ............

how wrong was i :(

just going through my paperwork and discoverd that ive given him the wrong MOT certificate ,ive given him the the car i have now MOT

hes just as bad as me he obviouly hasnt looked at it

cant wait to see the look on my hubbys face when i tell him

i get so angry with myself it was just a simple thing and i ballsed it up !

excuse the language but im really annoyed grrrrrrr

anyway hope evryone has a restful night and sweet dreams love to all xxxxxx

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Yer daft bat! LOL Well, it's the fibro, we can't help it!! :)


lol i know ,and when my husband starts to get annoyed i will do the age old womans deffense and turn it around on him lol :)


Oh Lynz, hope reading my day made you feel a bit better,lol Hugs :)


aww Lynz, hope the OH doesn't have a strop about it. We all make mistakes. I'm sure a phonecall with the buyer will sort things out. After all, your MOT is no good to him!


Lynz, thats why i wont do things for my other half lol.

I would do the same i am useless, especially with things that stress me out.

hope he was ok with you and didnt shout too much, i would of needed ear plugs in for a few hours if i had done it lol.

kel xxx


bless you how funny lol hope hubby sees funny side fibro fog strikes again XXX love diddlex


Oops sort of daft thing I would do you are so not alone, its not the end of the world can be sorted I am sure hubby would have been OK (hopefully!!)

Hugs Ruby xx


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