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Ok my friends I have realised I need new glasses well having terrible problems so

away to the oculist this morning. I hate the bit when they test your eye pressure by puffing jets of air at your eye ball pft pft then is needed new frames what is in fashion ?

I haven't a clue so any tips will be welcome You would have thought it would not matter but of course it does :)

Need to look my best xgins

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Hiya..my tip is NOT to follow fashion but to go with what suits you....ask the opinion of the staff, they are generally used to advising on shape, colour and style to suit each individual face :-D

Hope it all goes ok



Thanks Tina invaluable advice I will try it xgins


I love my glasses and always have two pairs in different colours and styles so no matter what I wear one pair will always match in ....

The only problem ... My one pair have reactalite lenses so I don't need sunglasses and with my walking stick .. People often think I am partially sighted and keep trying to help me cross the road or up onto the bus.... Very nice and caring but I feel such a fraud when I explain I can see :)


:D I have those transitions the go very dark even in hardly any sunlight but great for me as I am extremely light sensitive, I don't have a cane though so get no help which I could probably do with because I can trip over air!


Hi Gins. You could always go for contact lenses [ soft ones ] which can be daily or monthly [ you only change them once a month if monthly, so not so much of a nuisance ] I had contacts for many years, and they were brilliant, now however, I don`t have anything as I had my catarracts done, so have 20/20 vision again [ no you cant` do that Gins your not old enough ///] it`s wonderful, but that doesn`t help you, go with what you like if you have to have specs, I`m sure you`re look lovely in anything [ I`m a creep ] best of luck love, thoughts are with you.

Lyndia x


I got new glasses recently and I picked a lovely Ted Baker frame the wasn't too expensive, but it's what suits the individual, going on face shape/size etc. I have a small thin face to have to be careful or I'll be all glasses no face :D

What cost me the most was my transition lenses which darken in sunlight even slight sunlight through cloud which was worth every penny as I am VERY light sensitive!

I'm sure you'll look great in your new glasses whatever you choose: :)


Hi gins, hope you can get some good advice from the opticians, they normally give pretty good advice as to what suits one's face. Though I only need "ready readers" I have multiplicious pairs dotted around the house, handbag, car etc, as I lose things for a pass time. At the moment I am in pursuit of my lovely rayban sunnies, I can't find them anywhere, normally they over winter in a particular place, but are they there?......no...... I know I had them in September round the time of my Father's funeral, but in my muddle headed state I have clearly lost them, hopefully they will turn up in an obscure place (anywhere as long as they turn up !!!! ) but I am resigning myself to the fact they may well be gone for good, which is a shame as I've kept them well for over 10 years and they actually suit my long, narrow face. Hey ho......... Lalala....... foggy as ever. !!!!! :D

Foggy x


I actually tried getting contact lenses a couple of years ago but I am unable to open my eyes wide enough to pop them in. So have to accept glasses found a nice shap quite pleased they will have a prisim in them to stop my double vision. Ten day till they come cannot wait.

Thanks for all the advice guys most useful xgins


I like rimless ones but they are really expensive at specsavers etc. Last time I had my eyes tested I got a cheap pair from there for wearing at home but used the prescription to order a couple of pairs of rimless online for under £50 which was less than half price of one pair on the High St.


The best advise I can give you if you need to wear them all the time is to get titanium or stainless steal ,both of which are light weight ,or rimless I can't wear rimless because I have double vision caused by graves disease.This needs to be corrected by prism's .one lens is thick at the top the other is thick at the bottom . I have Titanium which are really comfortable to wear all day.


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