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After practising yoga for the last 2 years a friend has been nagging and nagging me to go to a meditation class with her. She attends frequently. I have to say I was feeling a little negative about it and really didn;t think could sit meditating for ages on end.

Anyway I finally gave in and I have to say how refreshing it was!!! The teacher is absolutely lovely and has the most soothing voice you have ever heard. She is positive in every way possible, has worked with persons with chronic pain and has so much to offer and is an inpiration.

The first day was a trial and lasted for 2 hours, which sounds a long time, however you do not meditate for all that time. We started with a 10 minute meditation and then spoke about how we felt. You don't feel silly as everyone is there doing the same thing.

I must add this is mindfulness meditation which I now understand. You do not block any thoughts out of your mind, you let them flow ion, recognise the thought and bring your attention back to your breathing. It can be within seconds you have another thought, but you follow the same process.

It was magical and very calming!!

I was offered a place on an 8 week course that she was running and have been to 2 sessions. The first I had so much back pain that I didn't enjoy it as much and was nearly put off from going again. However I don't like to fail at things so returned this wednesday just gone. I had a headache, so I chose to do a sitting meditation, whereas before I lied on the floor. I leant against the wall with a cushion behind my back and a blanket to keep me warm. This was a 40 minute mediation and wow, what can I say......amazing!!! My stressful thoughts that I had been suffering from all week were put into perspective and my pain decreased.

I gave myself time and space and put myself first, which is always hard when you have a family etc.

So I would receommend if anyone has the chance to go to an organised meditation class do it. Go with an open mind and I bet you could learn to love it as much as me!!! to meditate now... x

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Good for you. I'm just as bad as Lynn about not practicing what I preach and my massage therapist has been having a go at me about it this week as I'm flaring.

Meditation and/or mindful breathing and/or conscious relaxation techniques are brilliant for anyone with Fibro in my opinion. It's not a solution to Fibro, but it is a way you can try to make a change to autonomic over-arousal yourself and at least not feed into it!


They say meditation is simple but not easy!!!!!!

Quite true really!!! Us women are bad at making time for ourselves!!!


Ahhhh...feel good right now after my meditation session.

Standing meditation in mountain pose....I could have fallen asleep. xx


Hi newbie,

We've been doing mindfulness meditation at a Pain Clinic I've been attending - it really does work. My problem is, like others, motivation to actually do it every day. I do try at night when I can't sleep and it sometimes helps to calm the storm of thoughts that keep me awake.


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