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To declare or not to declare

Hi all, I am in the process of applying for another job, it's a pretty straight forward application form but one of the questions is - do you have a health problem or a disability relevant to your application !

I was told I have fibro last year but I do not class it as a disability at the moment as I seem to be managing the pain quite well, but I appreciate that things can change at the drop of a hat with fibro, I am just worried that it may affect my application, if I do put it down then should I class it as a disability anyway? seems silly that I am confused by this simple question but I also feel it would be wrong not to mention it

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personally I think you should put it down - it can help you in the future if you need time off or modifications at work etc, x


Hello, not sure about this, a lot depends on how fibro impacts on your life now and what the job entails, I would get advice from a job centre because it may affect your position if it comes out later. Good Luck. Lou x


Hi Debbierrara

I have consulted with a Union Shop Steward this evening (one of my brothers) and he informs me that if you do not put this down in your application and you become ill through your Fibro and take time off work, it can make your contract of employment null and void and you can be dismissed from your employment.

I trust his judgement and employment law knowledge base greatly as he has been in his role for many years.

I want to wish you all the best of luck with your application.

Good luck


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You are between and rock and a hard place as the author said if you don't mention it and then get worse you could lose your job however if you do mention it then you may not get the job in the first place.

A friend with ME applied for a job where it actually said they were looking for people with disabilities and was turned down she was told she had the wrong type of disability.

Honesty is important so I think I would mention it if I got as far as the interview.


I put on my application that I suffer asthma and AF some years back and ended up in 2008 with lung failure though a severe infection. I was in ICU 32 days and off work for 5.5 months. When I came back they told me I was going to get a written warning as I had been off for to long. However I anticipated that they may do something like this and looked into it and spoke to EOC who stated that they would prosecute them if they did! Under the old DDA now Equality Act if the employer is aware of a condition or disability they have to make proper allowance's for my conditions. So the fact I had mentioned it on my application that I had a disability and they were not going to adjust this into their standard terms of employment would mean them breaking the Equality Act.

When they told me that they will be issuing the warning in 10 days and if I need some one from work with me I can bring them in. I replied "As I have already informed you before I was employed by you, of my conditions. I do not feel that this has been taken into account. If you continue to take this matter further I will take appropriate action!"

I heard nothing and on the 10th day I asked my manager why I have not had a meeting memo? He just looked sheepy and said we are not going to do anything!

So in my case it was well worth it. I was made redundant 10 months later!

Be Well


NO, I would,nt personally at this point. Lets face it I would not consider it a disability unless you start to have loads of time off work, and you can face that problem when you come to it. Jobs are hard to come by these days so don,t make it even harder for yourself.


This is a difficult one but lets think about the logic here. Are you registered disabled? If not you do not have an official disability. They ask if you have a health problem related to your application, think about what symptoms you have 'today' i.e. on the day you fill out your application form. If you are applying for a job e.g. moulding clay and on the day of filling in the application form your main symptoms are pains and stiffness, reduced mobility of your hands, then you have a health problem related to your application. If you are applying to be an office worker, sitting down all day and your main symptom is episodic irritable bowel syndrome, I wouldn't say you have a health problem related to your application. Quite rightly you state that FM can change from one day to the next, so the most accurate information you can give is to base it on the symptoms of the day you apply. If you are assessed for benefits and on that day you can walk half a mile to the shops with a stick, they will NOT take into consideration that yesterday and tomorrow you are housebound. They can't have it all ways. Very best of luck with the job


Hi I would put it down, then if your health gets worse you will be protected under the equality act as offcut says. Your employer is legally bound to make modifications etc if needed and with fibro you never know what will happen in the future. Good luck with your application. Take care. X


I always tick the "do you consider yourself to have a disability" box, you don't have to be 'registered' as disabled to consider your self disabled, for work purposes always be honest - that way they can make adjustments if or when you need them. Even if your fibro is fine at the moment it can change at the drop of a hat. I used to teach (self-employed now) and it meant that on the days I needed to use my walking stick, someone else would do my playground duty etc.


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