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is this fibr

feel shattered . Have taken all my med. go to bed 6pm . watch tv 1hour to chii. Want to sleep . body starts to be come irritated .toes and legs start to have a mind of thier own pain in muscles forearm.bicsepts . wrists and ankles start to glow in pain. muscle spasam. start. mild. desrerate now to sleep .Have a funny feeling, must! sit up. do this about 3 times manage to fall asleep 2 3 am .have had in past muscle spasam where i bit my tonge another where i bit the inside if mouth wake 5 for loo back to bed sleep 1 hour. get up stiff n pain take a couple of hours to come to soulders lower back pain and other musles feel shattered all day Have sle on myco but bloods okay . can have pain anywhere any time.also mega brain fog

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Yes.could be restless legs as well


I agree with Amanda with I think this is all connected. Every night I get to bed and feel ready to sleep and they start so struggle turning over then have to struggle back legs have a mind of their own. I am also wringing wet through do you have this.

Hugs Merlinmac


sounds like every fibros nightmare, I take magnesium at night to help with the rest less leg syndrome, it doesnt stop it completely every now n then it returns for a night, I often wake up soaking wet and then cold like today had to change and wash all my bedding..., I can only lay on my back and have to sleep sitting up because of the spoyndilosis in my lumber spine, had a lumber decompression about 7yrs ago and a fusion of my disc hope you manage to ease it, hugs to all Dee x


hi am new i have had fibro and other health problms for many yrs now i can relate to your symptoms and have had many a nite like yours etc i have back problems as well when i saw gp and consultant they said it was a combination of fibro ,disc, nerves etc . do you find you only sleep for few hrs after taking your meds at nite and thats if you pass knackered but i have found if you get syptoms that dont fit with fibro they dont look pass that label

hope this helps i have struggled on with out anyone to talk to this as i said is the first time i,ve responded good luck


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