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Is this normal?

Yesterday I was so tired, I fell asleep all over the place, mid sending a text message to a friend, sitting bolt upright, on the loo, trying to type on the computer, even on the phone to my mum. I just dropped off, dropped the phone and woke up half an hour later. I went to bed at 7.30 pm last night intending to watch Eastenders in bed and you've guessed it I fell asleep! I woke up in pain a couple of times in the night, took pills, went to the loo and then back to sleep. I am usually an insomniac so this is odd for me and although I know Fibro causes exhaustion, is it normal to fall asleep all the time like this?

Today i'm less sleepy but my pain is bad and I feel cold and floppy and pretty lifeless. Does this sound like what others experience?

Any support or advice will be gratefully received, I feel so down and so alone.

Thank you

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This isn't uncommon with Fibromyalgia, it sounds like you have all the symptoms of chronic fatigue which can make you feel even too exhausted to blink (slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean).

Here is some info on this for you taken from our main site at FibroAction -

"Chronic fatigue is common with Fibro and this is often linked with the non-restorative sleep that is typical of Fibro. With this non-restorative sleep, a Fibro sufferer's brain tends to wake them up slightly every time they get into the deep sleep that is needed for physical rejuvenation. This can lead to more fatigue, more pain and other symptoms.1 12 The fatigue of Fibro is not like being a bit tired all the time: it can hit suddenly, leaving a Fibro sufferer almost unable to stand; it can be overwhelming, making it impossible to do anything at all; you can feel so tired that it seems impossible to even lift your head."

Have you spoken about this to your GP recently, it might be the case that your meds need reviewing, changing or the doses altering to help you more efficiently. You may have CFS - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which isn't unusual when having Fibromyalgia too. Your GP can advise you regarding this.

It is possible to manage this condition through pacing. I have CFS/ME as well as Fibro and was referred to a local CFS Clinic where I was taught Pacing Therapy. It took a while but has helped me manage my chronic fatigue through pacing with alternate rest periods. I am now able to do more than ever before with Fibromyalgia and my CFS is well controlled too, it's all a question of management, but it is possible in my experience.

I hope this helps and that you speak to your GP. If you have any concerns about this, please do not hesitate to ask, always happy to help. Take care, here's a hug for you (((hug))) xx


Thank you Libertyz, yes I was diagnosed with CFS before I got my Fibro diagnosis and know that you don't sleep properly and deeply with Fibro, I think it is because yesterday was the worst the fatigue has been for some time that it frightened me and I am hard on myself and get frustrated when I feel beaten and out of control, it seems to control me. I go to a chronic pain clinic and they monitor my meds and make recommendations to my gp, he seems to put most things I go to him with down to my Fibro. I've done a course re pain and pacing etc but yesterday I just had to give into it and sleep! thankyou for your support, I really appreciate it.


I completely agree, I pace myself every day and generally cope well this way, however as you know, there are times when you literally just have to give in and go to bed and sleep! I do this too! When I feel a bit better then I start pacing again, fortunately it works well for me.

Take care and please if you have any concerns at all, please don't hesitate to contact us, always happy to help. This applies to everyone of course too. :) xx


Thankyou very much!


Yes this happens to me frequently.A couple of years ago before I knew I had fibro,I fell asleep sitting on a low wall in the town centre. I'd felt a bit tired and thought I'd sit for a couple of minutes and the next thing I knew I was being asked if I was OK by 2 old ladies,very embarrassing!!


Oh dear, that would have been embarrassing bless your heart. The trouble is i'm so hard on myself and even though I know I can't help how this is affecting me I end up cross with myself! Well, at least i'm not the only one, thanks for your comment Amanda!


Oh bless you Amanda! Thank goodness you didn't hurt yourself. xx


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