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Quick update

Hi y'all,

Realised it's been a while since I posted on here so here's a quick update on how things are going. Have now finished my OT appointments and am in a much better place mentally thanks to a very understanding OT with a comprehensive knowledge of fibro! Was beginning to think nobody at the hospital had much of a clue but she was wonderful. Helped me put things in perspective and realise that when I was beating myself up for not being able to do anything I was actually accomplishing quite a lot for someone with a chronic illness. She's left my referral in review status so my GP can just write direct to her if I feel I need to see her again and avoid the long waiting time for a new referral. Two thirds of the way through my hydrotherapy which I've found really helps with mobility and has helped reduce the constant back pain so I now only get it if I stand or sit for too long. My physio showed my latest xrays to her boss who is a scoliosis specialist and she has requested a referral to the orthopaedic surgeons. They've looked at the xrays and decided they want to see me! Have to admit to being a bit scared - on the one hand, I'm aware something might need to be done as there's no longer much of a gap between my rib cage and my pelvis but, on the other hand, the thought of surgery and possible complications scares the effluence out of me. Not had an appointment through yet but my physio says she checked my file and the spinal specialist is due to see me. I normally go to all the appointments alone but I've decided I'll take my daughter with me to this one as I need another pair of ears and brain to make sure I don't forget to ask anything and will need a different perspective if I do need to decide whether to go with surgery. I know I shouldn't stress at this point as not even had the appointment letter through yet but easier said than done. Still doing well on the 5:2 eating plan (though I'm not quite as strict with myself as I could be). My cognitive function is massively improved - even on bad fibro days the fog is manageable. Thinking about it now, I'd say a bad day now is like a good day before. Mind you, I did start taking calcium and vit D around the same time I changed my eating habits so it might be six of one. Added bonus is that I'm very slowly losing weight despite not being as strict as the plan suggests and doubling my amitriptyline dose. Still having t work extra hours at work as the new person still hasn't started. She was supposed to start mid June but looks like will now be mid July. I'm sure the extra money will be useful (if work ever remember to put it in my pay packet!) but right now I'd trade it for time off. The last couple of days have been pretty awful. The dreadful roving pains, crippling tiredness, IBS and cramping bladder that meds don't really touch. Definite "drugs don't work" days. I know it will probably calm down once things get back to normal but I need to get well today. It's my daughter's birthday on Wednesday so we're off to London for three days tomorrow to take in a show and be tourists. I so don't want to spoil the trip for her. I was going to drive down but the hotel couldn't guarantee me a parking place despite me explaining I've got a blue badge and would be completely stuffed if I got there and couldn't park. A blessing as it turns out as we're now going by train so I can sit comfortably and scurry to the loo as often as I need. So today is going to be a total slob day doing as little as possible. Currently lounging in bed listening to the radio while I wait for a call from the duty GP to see if they'll give me a saliva spray to stop the amitriptyline/tolteradine combo welding my mouth shut - no sarky comments please. You know who you are! So, a not so quick catch up after all. Take care fibro family and enjoy the summer. Oh ha ha ha. I am soooooo funny ;) xx

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Did you say summer misty,? Think we had that about a week ago here, now back into autumn, and probably six inches of snow by e beginning of July......... Flaming June as they say..... Hehehehe..........

Just a point about the saliva sprays, from experience, it works very well for a very short time, but your dentist may just go into a faint over the matter, apparently it isn't great on teeth, my dentist recommended chewing sugar free gum, and surprisingly that has helped me a lot and last far longer than the spray !!

All the best.

Foggy x


Thanks foggy. Might try gum during the day and save the spray for when I wake up with my mouth welded shut! x


That's a good idea, the spray I had is called Glandosane , and it certainly makes thinks easier, but doesn't really last a hue amount of time.

Good luck with trying to find the right combinations for you :-)

Foggy x


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