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Falling over

Hello I fell over again last night hurt my foot and grazed my hand it was a good thing I was indoors and not out sum where I,m shaking still and have aches and pains all so I feeling that I,v not had before I feel frightened in the pit of my stomach like sum thing nasty is going to happen I,v got stage 3 copd and arthritis in most joints and if I fall like last night I cud bleed I have hemophilia so I have to b careful wat I do I don't want to bother anyone as I,m not hurt that much except my pride I,v been told that it cud b my b/p or low sugar but I,v never had a problem with sugar my b/p is a bit high but nothing to worry about the thing is in a way I don't no y I fell over I didn't trip over anything I just remember falling has this happened to any one else and that frightened feeling worries me take care all and have a great day

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Yes I have fallen for no reason one minute I was upright next minute I was on the floor the first time I broke 2 ribs ... The second time only one ... Other falls have left me just with bumps and bruises ... I even manage to fall off my mobilty scooter and as it was still switched on I caught the forward handle going down and ran myself over .... Now that takes skill :)

Hope you feel better soon

VG x


Hi very grumpy u don't sound grumpy at all I broke my wrist a couple of yrs ago but cuts grazes bruises I have a bruise on me nearly all the time I can't remember much about falling just landed on the floor with a thud I,m still trying to imaging how u ran itself over I,v got a mobility scooter but never done that lol take care and thanks for or answer


You take care too.. I don't know how I managed it I just ended up on the floor with the back wheel of my scooter on my foot pinning me to the ground .. Fortunately I was right by my house and had my mobile phone on me so my OH came and got it off me... When he had stopped laughing :)


Hi cm, you are absolutely right, VG isn't grumpy at all ...... she is Very Good ...... I'm sorry to hear about all your falls and things, I have Von Willebrands Disease which is vey similar to haemophilia, lack of Factor VIII, so I really understand where you are coming from. I have probe falling over, but mine is normally due to low blood pressure, I stand up and .... Whoops ....down I go, often I look like I've done ten rounds with Mohamed Ali with so many bruises, they even join up on the odd occasion, so you have my complete understanding.

Take care of yourself.

Foggy x


Thank u foggy its good to no that sum one really does understand wat u,v got I,m still waiting to hear from DLA I saw there Dr two weeks ago I put the claim in at beginning of march but I,m not holding my breath as I,v been turned down 4 times I,mstage 3 copd its terminal but as I c today in the papers that a mother of a delexic child gets DLA Cuz she can't fill in forms my son can't fill in forms but he doesn't get DLA is so so wrong and unfare they don't have their priority,s rite at all its time they got it rite take care my friend cm49


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