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Free mobile calls to benefits claim lines

Six of the biggest mobile phone network companies - O2, Orange, Tesco Mobile, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone - no longer charge their customers for calls to many of the Department of Work and Pensions 0800 benefits claim lines.

I saw this on the internet, this would certainly be helpful to cut down on cost of calls. I need to investigate for further information, I will keep you posted

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Hello Mdaisy, That is good news but I am with 3 due know whether they are involved with the other networks? If you find out could you let me know please? Thanks Aisha x


I'm afraid it appears to be only the networks named above, sorry.


For claiming JSA using the 0800 number, the call is free from a mobile. I have yet to find any other DWP dept's that are free to call from a mobile or landline.



I have found out this has been in operation since 2010... yet so many do not know about it!

Numbers for DWP departments below, might a idea to bookmark the link if you ever need to ring them ! but for free next time !

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Hello Everyone,

Here's a link with numbers

I hope this helps

Emma :)


Ive used "Say no to 0845s" and got a local number for the jobcentre but they never answer when Ive used that. So this is good news. Ive had huge phone bills because Ive had to phone them and wait while they faf about on the other end, time after time. Its awful because we dont have the money to spare to do that.


It is good news, if only they would all do this! I have in the past asked to be called back, and usually they do so, just a thought!